Posted by: Diane | April 2, 2012

OVERFLOW – Saturday, March 24.2012

This is the 17th time our OVERFLOW! group has met since that first time we got together, way back in June, 2010…and what I love the most is that we never get tired of each other!  We meet (on average), about every six weeks and we genuinely love to see each other every time.  Older and younger women, coming together, sharing our experiences and sharing our lives. It just doesn’t get much better than that – an organic group of multi-aged women doing life together. It’s simple…but it’s powerful.

This was a mish/mash meeting in that we covered a bunch of activities. Here we are – learning how to make some cool beaded roses that Lesley so kindly offered to teach us. Of course, some of us were rather distracted with our James Bond poses but most of the group managed to stay on task.

Sam had just returned from a mission trip to India so we got the low – down on her adventures – she will never be the same after serving God in such a impacting way. One of the young ladies shared about facing her fears and that was a really good moment of rejoicing alongside a special friend. We gabbed about plans for the future OVERFLOW! get-togethers while we chowed down on a delicious Caribbean meal of Jamaican patties, jerk chicken, a tropical drink, rice and beans, salad, mangos, pineapple and sherbet. It was grand.

OVERFLOW! is always fun. No matter what we do, I always have tons of fun. I always learn things.  I also think and with the things I learn, I think I grow. I think a lot of the women have grown in some way because of OVERFLOW! Another element is food. Is sounds silly, but I love the food!! Service is another factor present in this group. Sometimes we help out at places, like with single mothers, or we even help each other, like when Diane made us dessert and when some of the younger women taught the older women how to make dumplings.  OVERFLOW! is important to me because it’s kind of like an escape. I can by myself around wonderful people. I can be honest and talk about my problems and everyone can help me grow. 

OVERFLOW! just makes me happy. I always go to bed smiling. (written by a James Bond girl)

Us women in OVERFLOW! – we’re all convinced that we need each other.

So then we pursue the things which make for peace and the building up of one another. Romans 14.19 NASB


  1. And where’s the link to those beaded flower instructions? They are beautiful!

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