Posted by: Diane | March 20, 2012

Passionate Pursuit

My daughter and I went for a bike ride together yesterday…and her little Chi poo, named Cooper ran behind us the entire way. This little dog, with his four inch legs, ran for thirty-five minutes straight as we pedalled down our long, muddy and dusty road.

What really amazes me about Cooper is that he is completely committed to staying close to my daughter. When Danae is driving, he wants to sit on her lap. When Danae is sitting on the couch, he curls up on whatever part of her body is available. When Danae is eating a meal at the kitchen table, he is sitting right beside the chair. (Well, actually, he is sitting and whining, right beside her chair.)  Cooper wants to be with Danae all the time and that little hotdog is willing to do whatever necessary to make it happen..including running for over a half hour, right behind Danae’s rear wheel.

I was thinking about Cooper this morning in my quiet time – in a strange kind of way, he served as an example and I started to ask myself, “Do I passionately want to stay close to Jesus? What am I willing to do to stay close to Him? Is Jesus my first priority?”

I don’t always pursue Jesus. There are many times when “me” and my plans intercept and I fall back miserably.  I allow “stuff” to distract me and before long, I’m lagging behind – sometimes, so far behind that I can barely see Him.

That just won’t do for Cooper. He wants to be close to the one who loves him the most.

Draw near to God and He will draw near to you.  James 4.8 NKJV

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