Posted by: Diane | March 16, 2012

March Breaks Are For Talking To Other Writers

I admit it – lately, I’ve been in a writing slump.

A friend of mine calls it the “post book-writing blues.” I’ve finished one book and I’m still waiting to hear what the publisher is going to do with it.  I’m mulling over ideas for another book but I haven’t got anything on paper yet.  I’m straddling these two worlds and it’s a very uncomfortable position. It’s not easy to be a writer and sometimes, it’s downright lonely.

Apparently, my voice is different on the phone and even texts to my daughters come back with, “What’s wrong, mom? Are you OK?”  Yesterday, I took an afternoon nap when I wasn’t the least bit tired.  I’m eating way too many Goodies and spending too much time in my pajamas. Despite the glorious weather these past few days, I haven’t been out once. (except to buy more Goodies)

These are the symptoms  – so what’s the cure?

Last night a special writing friend came for a sleepover. We talked late into the night and right through the day. The hours flew by and the conversation was energizing. I was reminded that I need fellow writers in my life. I need co-strugglers to listen to my “novel in progress” ideas.

We laughed, talked, drank tea and made our way through Shreddies, blueberries and a chicken stir fry. We read samples of each other’s writing and  threw around plots and places, time frames and motives. We discussed the main characters that we carry around with us and grappled with grammar and sentence structure. Most importantly, we gave each other permission to struggle and encouragement to push forward.

It’s just what I needed.   Robynne has gone home now with new inspiration and I can hardly wait to start writing again.

Robynne is 35 years younger than I am. She lifted my spirits, challenged my thinking and touched my heart.

Two people are better off than one, for they can help each other succeed. If one person falls, the other can reach out and help. But someone who falls alone is in real trouble.  Ecclesiastes 4.9.10 NLT

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