Posted by: Diane | March 12, 2012

Saturday’s Audition

My first ever acting audition took place on Saturday afternoon.

I made my way into the theatre and was greeted by a very kind-looking young man, who welcomed me and quickly gave the run-down on the auditioning process. I was already “in character” as the scatterbrained Janet Brewster, so all I really heard as I watched this man’s lips move was, “You’ll be asked to get up in front of everyone and read your lines. No big deal – we’re very relaxed here.”  

 Tell my nerves that!

I had arrived early, hoping to take a quick peek at the script.  As I tucked myself away in the most distant chair I could find, without looking completely antisocial, I began combing through the pages of the book, looking for Janet Brewster’s lines and hoping to discover some little nuggets of her character.

One woman came up to me and asked, “So, how much experience in acting do you have?” to which I honestly answered, “Zilch. Absolutely none. How about you?  The lady gave me a “deer-in-the-headlights” stare and quickly confessed, “Me neither. I work out a couple of times a week and Patrick is the gym instructor – he kept telling me that I should try acting. So, here I am.” 

For some reason, I felt strangely comforted.

The audition began and of course, there were a number of veteran actors, who confidently waltzed up to the front and nailed every innuendo, appropriate gesture and swell of voice…

…and then it was my turn. For a few fleeting moments, I became Janet Brewster and it felt glorious. I forgot about everything, including the three judges, sitting at the table, staring at me as I blurted out my lines.  I have no context to evaluate my performance but what I can say is that the whole experience was delightful.

That is, until I was asked to read for the part of the nymphomaniac – that’s when I had my first glimpse of REAL acting! I’m just thankful that no one caught THAT on tape!

It doesn’t matter whether I get the opportunity to play Janet Brewster in this play –  that’s not the point.

What’s really important is that I thoroughly enjoyed the process of trying something completely out of my comfort zone. It’s too easy to fall into the crevice of routine as you get older. I don’t want predictability for the rest of my life…I really don’t. I want to learn, to be challenged, to be surprised, to experience victories and failures, highs and lows that come with this short life on earth.

However…having waxed eloquence in the last paragraph, I do need to reiterate that playing the part of a nymphomaniac would be a definite stretch for me.

I’ll cross that bridge when and if I get there.


  1. Way to go, Diane.

  2. Sounds like fun Diane. Wish I had just a little of your ambition and courage!
    Good for you! I sure can see you doing this! You certainly have my admiration!
    For me, it just wouldn’t even be a thought or remote desire!
    Blessings on you!!

  3. You are my morning smile today.
    I can just see you!!!!

    • It was fun! I’m glad I tried it! By the way, welcome home! Love Diane

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