Posted by: Diane | March 7, 2012

I Love Licorice…You Love Licorice!

Chris and I love licorice.

For Chris, it can be any kind of licorice but I’m more selective. Our local grocery store has been carrying an awesome tasting, chunky, Australian licorice so we’ve had a good supply of this stuff in our home for the past few months.

Recently, I found out, to my utter dismay, that the store is no longer supplying OUR licorice. It took a few days of struggling before I was able to make peace with this reality and I have finally moved on…

…to Goodies! You know those candy coated pieces of black licorice? My husband thinks they are the Canadian equivalent of the Good and Plenty licorice that you find in the States and since he has gained five pounds since we switched to these calorie-infused delights, he’s going off them – but I’m not. No siree Bob! I’m still going strong!

A few days ago, I headed into the grocery store and grabbed three bags of Goodies. (after all, they were on sale!) When I got to the check out, there was a long line so I waited patiently. The woman ahead of me looked in my basket and started shrieking.

Oh, my goodness…I LOVE those things! I haven’t had those candies for such a long time! My husband used to sit in bed, watching TV and we would eat the whole bag! They bring back so many memories.”

The lady gave out a big sigh and I could tell that she was travelling down Memory Lane in her head. I smiled back at her and I knew at that very moment that this was a “pay it forward” * moment, for sure. As soon as I finished paying, I rushed after the lady and caught up with her in the parking lot.

“You gotta’ have these Goodies – they have your name written all over them.”  I wasn’t prepared for the lady’s response – she started to cry. She gave me a big hug and kept saying “Thank you” over and over again. She told me that I made her day.

It felt good…so good that I went back into the store and bough more licorice. (after all, they were on sale!)

I think we need to consciously look for these kind of moments in our days. I often pray that God would keep me receptive to simple opportunities to surprise people and bless them with a simple, other-centered gesture.

“A life lived for others, is the only life worth living.” Albert Einstein

*  “Pay it forward” means when something good happens to you, you turn around and do something good for someone else. Instead of paying something “back” you are paying it “forward” on to the next person.


  1. Diane, I am with you!! Licorice is my bed buddy, I don’t go without them , literally! Ask Kath! BTW, Brunos on Weldrick and Bayvuew carry the Asussi Licorice or they did when we left for our holiday.
    You have me in tears. I had a similar experience yesterday , here in Florida.
    I am rushing now, but will save the story until I see you, plus another one that WILL bring you to tears!
    You are SO right, Diane. Being open to opportunities that God brings our way, takes no planning or effort. Just a sensitive willing spirit to be used of God!
    Thanks for sending His Sonshine south, through your blog!
    Hugs, Barb

  2. Meant to say Diane, because my memory is SO bad, the key words to link my grey matter to the story stored there, actually stored in my heart mainly, are Cherri and Carolyn.

    Have a great day, making the most of every opportunity! :o))

  3. I’m sorry, but the only true licorice is Dutch, salted licorice. Anything else is like decaf coffee.

    It is a great feeling when you can do something for someone else – I think we quite often get more enjoyment out of the giving than the person receiving.

    • I totally agree, Anne…about getting more enjoyment out of giving than the person receiving…not about the Dutch salted licorice! Diane

  4. Mom-youre so cute 🙂

  5. For a quick licorice fix, buy the small tin of Italian licorice pastilles from a local Italian restaurant/deli/eatery. I use them now instead of mints- two tiny cake-decorating size sprinkles does the trick. Yum.
    Ps Barb and I polish off a bag of twizzlers at her cottage almost every evening … Black and red!!

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