Posted by: Diane | February 28, 2012

The Trains Around Here

We live close to an active train track – so close that if there was a train derailment, my husband and I would be killed instantly, along with all our neighbours living on this stretch of road. We were very aware of this reality when we chose to live here and I must confess that when a train roars by our house, the thought of a possible derailment occasionally crosses my mind. Sometimes, our house shakes and other times, the bright head lights illuminate our bedroom as a heavy freight train rumbles past. When I head outside in the dark to put garbage in the bin, the huge trains are quite daunting as they pass by, twenty feet away.

It’s definitely not for everybody.

When a friend of mine heard about the recent train derailment in Burlington, Ontario, she shot me a quick email asking, “Aren’t you afraid that the same thing could happen to you???” I presumed that the triple question marks meant she was quite concerned about my fate.

I was quick to respond.

“I can’t claim the sovereignty of God over my life and be fearful about a derailment.”

You know…it’s that old “walk your talk” challenge. I can’t declare that God is in control and then turn around and waste my days, fretting about this issue. There’s more likelihood of convincing my husband that only women can multitask than there is that a train will derail in front of our house – but that’s not the point.

I believe that God knows my name. I believe that the length of my days is in His hand and I rest in that glorious truth. THAT is the truth that needs to permeate every comment and every action.

From the minute my feet hit the floor in the morning, I am driven by what I believe. So are you.

I gave up control of my life years ago because I came to believe there’s a better way to live out the fleeting number of my days on this earth. Don’t get me wrong – sometimes, I fail miserably because that nagging, sinful desire to control people around me “rears its ugly head”  but thankfully, for the most part, I’ve surrendered to the reality that when I take control and make things happen, life gets really messy.

So, back to those long and loud trains across the road. So be it.

God is in control. Nothing alarms Him, or takes Him by surprise. Nothing is too big for Him to handle, or so small it escapes His attention. When the winds of my world begin to blow, He remains seated. When raging waves surround me, He governs their temper…I need not be moved … Because the Lord is seated and sovereign…He alone is sovereign.  Ronald James

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