Posted by: Diane | February 27, 2012

What’s In Your Front Yard?

It was rather odd.

On the weekend, my husband and I headed south for a date night – dinner and a movie is hard to come by in our neck of the woods –  and as we headed to our generous in-law’s house for an overnight stay, we were greeted by this humorous sight on the next door neighbours’ front lawn.

(Chris immediate asked,  “why are the toilet seats up?” to which I graciously answered, “you know…so no one falls in. It’s a safety issue.”

Of course, Chris couldn’t leave it at that so he continued the conversation with, “if the kids don’t play in the toilets inside the house, why would they play in the toilets outside??”

I gotta’ admit – he makes a good point.

Well, I don’t want to brag or anything but this is what Chris and I have in OUR front yard these days…quite a contrast to the decorative toilets.

We’re quite mesmerized by the beauty of this particular snowfall – how it dips and drifts, curves and points – it’s breathtaking. The back side of our house is bordered by a muddy road and loud trains but our front lawn gifts us with a picture of serenity…

and I am so thankful.


  1. That looks so cool…(your backyard obviously) pretty..we still need skates..we should buy them for eachother for the next occasion that comes up..

  2. ‘In everything give thanks’ but I like your yard better than Kathy’s!!
    Too much!
    LOVE your winter scene, it is just glorious!
    ‘It’s worth the drive…!’

    • Just for the record, let me repeat that the toilets were NOT my in-law’s front lawn but on their neighbours’ lawn, OK? I don’t want to get in trouble with the in-laws! Thanks for commenting, JL….love Diane

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