Posted by: Diane | February 22, 2012


Nomophobia – fear of being without your phone – is on the rise, according to a new report sponsored by SecurEnvoy, a company that specializes in digital passwords.

Whether you have run out of credit or battery, lose your phone or are in an area with no reception, being phoneless can bring on a panicky symptom in our 24/7 culture.”

I would have been really surprised at this phenomena if I hadn’t ben involved in this experience last May.

This young lady’s commitment to be available for every phone call, text and email coming her way vividly introduced me to her generation’s need to be connected at all times. Without question, she was a nomophobe. I have also watched my three adult children stick mighty close to their phones. Of course, as a mother, I like that – I can get in touch with them very quickly.

But me? No way! …or?????? According to statistics, the third most nomophobic group is 55 and older.

So I decided to take a little inventory of my “phone style.”


1. My daughter took my cell phone home by mistake for about a week  and I was just fine – no withdrawal symptoms.

2. I don’t take my phone into the bathroom with me. (very often)

3. I feel no need to always answer my phone. I never had.  I’m not really a phone person – I like talking to people “face to face.”

4. I misplace my phone constantly and I don’t get uptight about missing messages.

5. I’ve never downloaded an APP – I don’t even know how to do it. I’ve never played a game on my phone and have rarely used it for email.

6. At this very moment,  I’m sitting in the living room, working on this blog and my phone is upstairs…I think.


1. When I wake up at night, I check my messages.

2. If I leave my phone in the car, I am willing to be seen in flannel pajama pants, rubber boots and an oversized shell jacket, in order to fetch it.

3. My phone is right near my bed ( but this one doesn’t really count because I use my phone as an alarm.)

4. My phone is often on LOUD so I don’t miss messages coming in.

5. The odd time that I get bored, I text someone.

So, it’s 6 -5 for NOT being a nomophobe. (Well, make that 6 -4.5 since my phone also acts as my wake up alarm)  Whew!  However, I’m thinking I have too many symptoms of this problem so I need to “regroup” and think about what I’m doing. I definitely do not want to be available all the time. I don’t want to be be bound to my phone.

Everything is permissible – but not everything is beneficial. Everything is permissible – but not everything is constructive.            1 Corinthians 10.23

Note from Editor: I’ve woken to you checking mail and messaging in bed in the middle of the night numerous times… (6 – 6)

PLEASE IGNORE THE ABOVE COMMENT. ( and even if that was true, it would still only be 6 – 5.5!)


  1. True test…And the tie breaker…When I send this comment did you check the notification on your phone or the computer?? where did it come??

    • Hm….OK…I’m busted…the phone…but that’s because I happened to be on it at the same time that Danae’s comment showed up.
      Thanks, Danae! Love mom

  2. My phone is ALWAYS in my purse.
    I NEVER take my purse anywhere.
    I guess I’m a no.

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