Posted by: Diane | February 15, 2012

Wonderful Neighbours

Just finished another blanket – this one was a birthday present for my neighbour. I pictured her just like this – sitting in her comfortable chair, drinking tea and snuggling under her birthday surprise. I’m getting more confident and creative with my crocheting patterns and colors these days…but I’m still doing the same, trusted “back and forth.”  I just don’t “do” fancy because that means I have to count and concentrate.

Wonderful neighbours are worth celebrating. They’re trustworthy. They’re aware of your comings and goings – not because they’re nosy or intrusive but because they care. I want them to know that we are thankful for their presence in our lives.

We like being with our neighbours.

Chris was up bright and early, checking on the overnight slow cooking of what was to become pulled pork, we tried a new coleslaw recipe and I fussed all afternoon on a delectable chocolate cake.

It was a good dinner, shared with good people to live beside.

It’s wise and loving to take notice of your neighbours.

 “It’s a beautiful day in this neighbourhood, a beautiful day for a neighbour. Would you be mine? Could you be mine? Won’t you be my neighbour?”  Mr. Rogers


  1. Yes, you do have good neighbours!! You are very fortunate!!

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