Posted by: Diane | February 10, 2012

Young Moms And Their Ways

I had to laugh about this one – I was a young mother a long time ago but I could definitely relate.

My friend was telling me about a Young Mom’s group that she has been leading since September.  She loves every minute of being with these young women and during one of their discussions, she threw out the question, ” What’s your favourite time of the day?”

The responses varied.

I love the early morning when all the kids are still sleeping and I can have some quiet moments with my cup of coffee. 

Oh, I love the afternoon, when everybody’s napping. Sometimes, I clean up and sometimes, I just sit and read. 

I love the evenings, once the kids are in bed.  This is MY time – no demands, no meals to make or toys to clean up. 

My friend listened quietly to all the responses and then gave a quick summary of the discussion.

“Well, judging from all your comments, the best time for a young mom is when her children are unconscious.”

Touché, Vicky! You hit the nail right on the head!

By the way, for those women who want to read a brilliant piece of writing about being a young mom, you must read this

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