Posted by: Diane | February 9, 2012

Old Fashioned (and Free) Fun

I love fun that doesn’t cost any money!

I have some wonderful memories of when I was a little girl, chasing boys in our neighbourhood.  I was pretty fast  – I had to be because there was this unspoken rule that if the boys caught the girls, they would pull up their dresses.  I figured it was only fair that if I caught the boys, I could pull down their pants. This thinking got me in trouble a few times during school recesses but I lived in an equal opportunity neighbourhood where “all’s fair in love and war”  so, over time, I became a fast runner and a force to be reckoned with.

But it wasn’t just about chasing boys. I enjoyed playing Hide and Seek, Team Tag and Seven Up with a ball against the wall – you  know, the simple stuff. My friends and I would take off for hours and my mom had no idea where I was – she didn’t worry about it either. One minute I would be in the Weinberg’s back yard, rocking back and forth on the chair swing, (remember those double seated “cages” that you sat in?) playing “Boat On the Ocean.”  A few minutes later, I would be in our basement, playing school where I quickly claimed my right to be the teacher by wearing a towel on my head, feigning long hair. When my cousin got bored because I always made her the student, the two of us would head out onto the driveway and play Hop Scotch. I remember my lucky number was six and I threw the same chain marker for years. Eventually, I would get hungry so I would run inside for a quick sandwich and then, I was off again.  This time, my friends and I would head down under Highway 401 and swing across the Don River on the Tarzan Swing. We would stay there until the street lights came on –  the sign for us to go home.

These were good times… and they didn’t cost a cent.

So, it was only natural that a couple of weekends ago, when our friends came over with their kids, I came up with the cool idea to slide down the stairs on an old mattress. This activity kept the boys busy for a long time.

These are the times when good friendships and good memories are made.

Truth be known, Phoenie (my grandson) and I have taken a few good mattress rides down our stairs. The next challenge is to open the front door and see if we can slide right onto the front porch!


  1. What fun!!!
    What a wonderful childhood you had!! I remember the streetlight rule in the summer. However, because I was the only girl, I usually had two younger brothers with me to occupy- one five years younger and one seven- so a stroller and one to hold on to the stroller. My older brother was free to go to the ravine, shoot squirrels in the woods with his BB gun, and ride HIS bike. Hmmm – no equal opportunity for me. I guess the “European” rules applied and I’m 12 or 13 years older than you. Another generation???
    Great that you can pass on your “joie de vivre”.

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