Posted by: Diane | February 3, 2012

“Esto Backflip” In The Animal World

I have a new friend.

We’ve been meeting regularly this week on the back deck of my house so his name, Decker, seemed appropriate. For the purpose of clarity and fluidity, we will henceforth declare that Decker is a male.


It all started with some leftover Christmas nuts (and I’m not talking about my family – at least, not this time!) left on the railings and the relationship slowly progressed to a recent rendezvous over stale slices of garlic bread. Who knew that squirrels like garlic?  Some lucky squirrel is going to have to deal with Decker’s bad breath if the two of them are involved in a romantic relationship.

Anyways, back to the story.  I think Decker ODed on almonds and filberts yesterday. I was in a very charitable mood and left a little pile (well, I guess it was a big pile, from a squirrel’s perspective) of nuts on the outdoor mat. He REALLY chowed down.


I haven’t seen him since. I picture him sprawled out on a branch, lying on his back and burping.

I’m married to an Estonian and in his world,  it’s called “The Esto Backflip.”  You know, when you’ve eaten way too much turkey, you stand up from the dinner table and you head to the nearest couch? (Actually, as far as I know and have observed, it’s only the males who participate in the Esto Backflip tradition, hence another reason why I think Decker is a male squirrel!) In my husband’s family, the male species proceed to flop down on the couch and surrender into hibernation for much of the remaining evening.

This is what I think Decker is doing today. Too many nuts in his tummy.


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