Posted by: Diane | February 1, 2012

Trusting Breville. Trusting God?

I’ve been concocting my infamous banana-spinach-berry-fish oil-pomegranate-carrot juice Smoothies for a few years now so my blender has been kept busy. I’m never been loyal to any particular brand of appliance so most likely, I naively started out with a Breville blender because it was a good price. I used it regularly for a year until a toggle switch broke.  My husband and I took it to a dealer in the mall and not only did they pleasantly replace the blender but they gave us one of significantly higher quality than the one we turned in. I was so impressed with the company that I personally wrote and thanked them for their outstanding customer service.

This blender has continued to serve us well but about three months ago, I made the big mistake of putting a removable part of the lid in the dishwasher and although it came out spanking clean, it also came out a slightly different shape and consequently, no longer properly fit the lid.  Without hesitation, my husband wrote the company and asked where the closest distributer was located. (we had since moved to an area with no mall) Less than a week later, a replacement part arrived in our mailbox, free of charge. Chris and I were amazed. I emailed the company and once again, thanked them sincerely. I also began to tell my friends about this company and encouraged them to buy Breville products. I’m telling you this – if Breville made houses, I would buy one of theirs! If Breville built cars, I would drive one of theirs! I am so impressed with this company and I have complete confidence in their products and their claims.  They hold true to their word and they go well beyond minimal customer service.

Three years later after constant use, the actual glass blender has mysteriously cracked and you know what?  I’m going to contact Breville and see what they can do.  Why? It’s simple – I have confidence in this company. They have shown themselves to be reputable and dependable.

A special friend of mine stayed in our home for the past couple of days and we had some marvelous conversations. We were wrapped in blankets and drinking tea late into the night and early morning as we talked about our walks with God. Somehow, the Lazy Boy and Breville companies came up in the conversation.  My friend looked at me and said something like this:

we have complete comfidence in these company”s guarantees and promises. We believe that their word is true and we approach them without hesitation because they have proven themselves faithful, often providing more than we ask, just to please us. We know that they will come through. Why don’t we come to the Word of God and His promises with the same level of confidence?  

I think this was the only moment of silence in our two day long conversation.

God can do anything, you know – far more than you could ever imagine or guess or request in your wildest dreams! He does it not by pushing us but by working within us, His spirit deeply and gently within us. Ephesians 3.20 The Message

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