Posted by: Diane | January 27, 2012


It’s been snowing all day and the lake is blanketed with snow.  I look out the window and this is what I see.

It’s glorious.  Honestly, I could sit here with a cup of tea all day and enjoy the stillness.  It won’t last too much longer because it’s Friday and the ice fishermen will be heading out soon.  There will be snowmobiles buzzing by, planes landing on the ice and truckloads of fishermen being transported to the fish huts.  See that dot in the distance?  No…it’s not a speck of dust on your computer screen. It’s my neighbour’s fish hut. Last weekend, Chris and I walked over there to check it out.

Ice Hut

Diane & Jim

Ice fishing is a new experience for me and it was fascinating to watch Jim jiggle that line to catch a herring’s attention.  A shiny lure wasn’t in the water for one minute before Jim caught his first fish. Apparently, it’s illegal to keep herring in this lake because it’s a protected species so he threw it back but it was fun to sit in the hut and watch the fish swimming by. When the door of the hut is closed, you can see clearly to the bottom of the lake – so cool.

When I was young, if someone told me that I would enjoy sitting in a dirty, old fish hut in the middle of a lake on a cold day, waiting to catch some perch or pickerel, I would have told them that they were crazy.  It’s too solitary, too quiet and not physical enough.  Now…well…all I can say is something has changed.

…and tomorrow, I’m heading to the dog sled races!!


  1. Phoenie says he likes those pictures…especially the fishing one:)

    • …and I sure wish you were there with us, Phoenie! One of these days, you, me and Papak will catch ourselves some fish!! I love you. Nana

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