Posted by: Diane | January 19, 2012

Talk About Waiting…

I’m still thinking about “waiting” today.

My husband was working in the back room and just after lunch he announced, “Hey, the first fish hut is finally on the lake.”  For the past few weeks, we’ve been watching our back yard (Lake Simcoe) slowly freeze over.  Almost every day, we’ve made mention of the fact that all the ice fishing operators and a good chunk of the local population around the area must be chompin’ at the bit for the ice to thicken enough to start hauling their fish huts out onto the lake. We only saw three huts out there by the end of the day so perhaps this isn’t quite the time yet and the wise ones are still waiting.

The funny thing about their wait is that they are waiting to get out there and… wait! Waiting for the fish to bite. Waiting for their buddies to come join them after work. Waiting for the shuttle back to shore at the end of the day. Waiting for the ice to thicken even more so that they can haul their huts out into deeper waters for the bigger fish.

Fishermen have learned to enjoy the wait.

Have you ever seen a young boy or girl in the summertime, filled with pop, freezies and the pleasures of summer, racing around all day with boundless energy? Yet, that same child can also be spotted on a lazy afternoon, sitting patiently at the side of a dock, staring intently at the tip of their rod, or a bobber floating at a distance. He is patiently waiting for the twitch or the tug, anticipating their prize catch – the one to proudly bring home to show the family. What else (besides a good book) can cause a child to stop and focus like that? Not much.

Fishing does that to a person. There’s some good character building going on at the reel of a fishing rod.

Good things are always worth waiting for…

I grew up with six brothers. That’s how I learned to dance – waiting for the bathroom. Bob Hope

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