Posted by: Diane | January 13, 2012

Thumb Boo Boo – Part 2

Tomorrow marks the eight week anniversary of my thumb boo-boo.  (See November 21 post) Time flies when you’re wondering if you’re going to lose your thumb nail!

Attractive, isn’t it?  It’s certainly been a conversation starter!

Recently, a young cashier at the grocery store told me that she loved the way I had drawn this crescent-shaped moon on my nail – apparently, it’s “sick.”  She unabashedly lifted her T shirt, showed me the ” dragon-lizard in a fountain”  tattoo that slithered across  her back and told me that my black and red nail polish would go perfectly with the theme of her tattoo. I was speechless. I mean, what do you say to THAT? I think it was a compliment so perhaps I should have said, “Thank you”  but instead, I smiled, picked up my bag of groceries and headed to the closest door.

I’ve had to give the “slammed in the car door”  explanation to many observant friends and family members over the past eight weeks.  It’s interesting that everyone feels an urge to do two things:

1. predict whether this beauty of a nail is going to come off or remain with me. At this point, according to an informal survey, there’s about a 50/50 chance that I’ll be keeping it. The family doctor is convinced that it’s not going anywhere but that it will be another couple of months before it’s back to normal.

2. tell a gruesome story about themselves or someone that they know who had a similar kind of accident…and I must say, I’ve heard some very bizarre tales. Woven between the hammer hitting and door slamming incidents, there was the one about a guy shot putting…or should I say shot dropping…on his friend’s toe! Ouch!  And what about the heavy mirror corner landing right on a woman’s thumb as her loving husband dropped the mirror while trying to hang it? Double ouch!

We will see what is to be!

Send me your best fingernail/toe nail boo boo story!

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