Posted by: Diane | January 4, 2012

A Kiss

Seven year old Phoenie is going through this stage when he refuses to kiss anyone.  He’s very generous with the hugs but the kisses are “yucky.” All through the Christmas holidays, Chris and I have been chasing him down and planting kisses on him but he quickly wipes them off.

To my shame, I actually tried to bribe him yesterday while he and his Papak were watching the Mary Poppins movie.  The two of them wanted popcorn in a big way so I told them I would make some IF Phoenie kissed me.  There was silence for a while but I could tell that the wheels were turning in that little boy’s head. Eventually, Phoenie asked Papak to pause the movie, he sauntered into the office where I was working and with an agitated expression on his face, he said, “Nana, this is really tough because Papak and I  really want popcorn with butter. If you promise not to tell anyone..especially mom….I will kiss you.” 

I mean, how I can accept a kiss under such forced circumstances? I told him that I didn’t want him to kiss me if he didn’t want to – that would be wrong. I went on to explain that when he gets older, he will change his mind and he will want to kiss people he loves. I was sitting right beside a little plaque that I gave Chris for Christmas last year, that hangs off the lamp in his office and I got Phoenie to read it.

Phoenie stared at sign and said, “That’s a really nice sign but if you sent me a blizzard of kisses, I’d run!  I know Papak really likes kissing you but I don’t. I love you a lot but not in a kissing way. Can you make popcorn now? “…and out he went on his merry way – back to Mary Poppins and Papak.

I’m sure there’s something for me to learn from yet another meaning-filled “Phoenie-ism” so I will have to ponder his wise words for a while.  I do love his honest answers.

An honest answer is like a kiss on the lips. Proverbs 24.26 NIV


  1. I just love your Phoenie stories!! He’s such a neat little guy that says some interesting things!!!

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