Posted by: Diane | January 3, 2012

The Best Christmas Card Ever!

Phoenie gave Chris and I the best Christmas card ever!  He’s only seven years old but he’s picked up on some important “ways” about his Nana and Papak. This part is for me….

Apparently, Phoenie notices that I “help” but I had to ask him to elaborate further about how I “work for short.”  He happily explained that he likes how I work for a short time with him and then we play together.

This is what Chris received.                       

Our seven year old grandson really appreciates the fact that Papak fixes things and I have to concur with him – Chris is a REALLY  good “fixer” of things – a gift that God continues to use in a variety of settings. These holidays, he’s been working hard, getting this crazy remote control tank to do what it’s supposed to do.  After hours of reading online manuals and tinkering with the innards of the tank, he finally got it to work.  Phoenie was heading in from playing outside when he heard the good news and he lit up with excitement.

 YES! That’s so cool!  I’ll hug you as soon as I get my boots off!”

Thanks to Chris, Phoenie and his buddies had a blast for the rest of this cold and icy day.


  1. The young boys have the same concentaration and stance as the “Big Boys”, Chris and John!!
    Love the cards . These are the “keepers” that warm one’s heart.

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