Posted by: Diane | December 30, 2011

Boys And Their Toys

Chris had an old friend over yesterday afternoon and John arrived with a two foot German Tiger 1 early production-radio control-battle-smoking-tank-with-automatic-electric-gun-system under his arm. John had bought it for his father, a modelling and WWII buff, who has since, sadly passed. Out of the blue, he decided to give it to Chris – I mean, Phoenie! Truth be known, this tank became the afternoon activity for these 50+ year old men. Despite their ravenous appetites, their priority was unquestionably to hop in the car and drive to the closest electronic store to find a particular battery recharger so that they could play after lunch… I mean… prepare the tank for Phoenie.

Like two young school boys, they gulped their lunch down and quickly headed back to the living room so that they could get this tank rolling. To their dismay, recharging the battery was taking far too long. They were also working without a manual. It took a while to figure it all out…

Tiger Tank

Tank Commanders

but finally, the moment came when Chris grabbed the remote control, pushed the switch and held his breath in wild anticipation. The front lights of the tank were activated and that magnificent piece of machinery began to move.  It worked!  The tank rolled forward, backwards and all around – the gun turret swivelled and the cannon shot little projectiles all over the living room. It was a riot to watch both Chris’ and John’s saucer sized eyes and their great sense of accomplishment as they played blissfully with this tank. I know for a fact that if Chris had been alone with this tank, he would have started making “shooting” sounds as well but he restrained himself while John was in the room. (Editor’s note: No, I wouldn’t have.)

Chris turned to me and announced with great confidence, “Phoenie’s going to love this!”  Well, talk about projection! I don’t think Phoenie will ever get a chance to actually hands-on play with this tank – it’s become Chris’s new toy. It’s like Christmas all over again for him! (Editor’s note: I will teach Phoenie well…)


  1. Too funny!! At least Chris got to play with it before Phoenix got at it.
    Ask Chris about his Sputnik model that his three year old niece broke when he was 10….:))

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