Posted by: Diane | December 22, 2011

I’m The Star “Put-er-On-er!”

That’s Phoenie’s job –  he’s the Christmas tree “star put-er-on-er” and he takes his job very seriously. The tree has all its lights, bobbles and ornaments hanging, the tree train is chugging along its tracks and last but certainly not least, Papak performs the ceremonial “Phoenie lift” so that the star can be strategically placed in its rightful place.

The Star

As you can see, the star was destined to settle in an awkward, lean-to-the-right position and that’s exactly where it stayed. We have a straight tree and a crooked star this season.

It reminds me of a memorable Christmas pageant that I attended many years ago.  Our friends’ four year old daughter was selected  to be the singing star on the top of a Christmas tree.  During the production, she was dressed in this adorable, fluffy, twinkly, five-point star costume and she stood, perched on top of a ladder, while her father held her so she wouldn’t fall.  There was a big cardboard Christmas tree in front of both of them, hiding all the sophisticated set mechanics. In the middle of the show, the little girl began to bellow out her solo, just as her dad had the inkling to sneeze.  He tried to suppress the sneeze but he couldn’t so he did his best to sneeze in rhythm to the song so no one could hear him.

When he sneezed, he jolted the ladder at the same moment that his daughter was singing about being a “falling star” and yes, you got it – down she came, landing in the manger with Baby Jesus. Thankfully, Baby Jesus was a doll and the manager provided a cushy landing for this padded falling star. Dad ran out to front and center stage, bumped into the three wise men and tripped over a fake sheep.  He picked up his little star, ran to the back of the stage, put her back up on the top of the tree and shouted loudly so that everyone could hear, ” The next night, the star appeared again…” without missing a beat.

It was a great moment….definitely not theologically correct, but attention-grabbing none the less.   I can’t remember why the three wise men and Baby Jesus were listening to a singing star on top of a Christmas tree but there you have it – another classic Christmas show.

Sure wish we had Youtube back then.


  1. I love the tradition of positioning the star. Maddie was here when I decorated our tree and she got to do the honours of placing the time-worn angel atop. I think it was a Kresge’s buy 47 years ago when we were first married. It’s molded white plastic with glittery wings and halo. The cotton batting hemming on her gown has worn off from the many years of use, but to me she’s perfect!
    Niece Erika also had a mishap as Mary in the Nativity Play. I think she was tthree. She was holding Baby Jesus and he slipped and she dropped him on his head. But to a three year old it wasn’t a problem. She just picked him up and plopped him in the manger. Such fond memories of the little ones are to be cherished.Yes, I wish we had had Youtube…but at least we have Yuletide memories.

  2. Priceless story Diane!
    What a clever Dad!
    Gotta love The Church Family Christmas Concert!

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