Posted by: Diane | December 21, 2011

Hot and Cold

It “twasn’t the night before Christmas” but I had to take a picture of my husband snuggling up with his new blanket.  It reminded me of Clement Clarke Moore’s famous and poetic words…

“…the children were nestled all snug in their beds, While visions of sugar-plums danced in their heads.”

Notice that I’m still merely crocheting back and forth?  Perhaps 2012 will birth a new inner courage to try something a little more daring in terms of creativity!  But this time, Chris wanted a blanket that looked like his grandson’s so “voila” – a labour of love for a wonderful husband.  I’m pretty sure he’s not dreaming of dancing sugar plums but he’s very happy that he can finally stay warm when he’s sitting in the same room as his “hot spelled” wife and a thermostat set at 64°!


  1. Diane, I do love your Hudson Bay Blankets!!
    Guess it took longer than Phoenix’s!! I could have used it at Mark and Nancy’s while babysitting my Grandkids for 5 days last week. Their house is also set to 64!! Brr. But I did wear slippers for a change.
    Look’d so snuggly!

  2. Diane, what a beautiful blanket so lovingly made for a husband who wanted just that!
    Great cozy photo of a man who will enjoy his snuggly Christmas gift for months and hopefully years to come. Like Jesus it is ‘the gift that keeps on giving!’

    Not too many things as so wonderful as your own ‘blankie’ in life!

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