Posted by: Diane | December 15, 2011

Christmas Tree Ornaments

We picked out our tree last night, fished out the tree stand from deep in the belly of the boathouse and tonight’s the night for decorating!  It’s always a trip down memory lane when I start hanging tree ornaments. Our children have been making or getting a tree decoration every year, since they were born. In the past, I’ve tried really hard to buy ornaments that represent something going on in their lives that particular year but no question – my favourite ornaments are the homemade ones.

This one is a real keeper.  I believe that Dawne made it when she was five years old so it’s now 23 years old. I never pictured God quite like this.

God is in the middle: that yellow, smiling, caterpillar-looking presence.

That’s me on the left side with the glasses – my ,oh my – was I ever skinny!

…and there’s Dawne on the right, with the super duper, pink smile and the long blue hair.

If you’re wondering what all the brown spots are, I believe it’s mold on the construction paper.

Isn’t that a beauty? Love it…love it!  These are the precious decorations that I hold dear to my heart.  The brown, dough bodies with Drew’s face stuck to the head and cotton batten around the face so it looks like a hood. (Oh, it looks like the cotton batten has come off!) Dawne’s Grade 1 face stuck in the middle of a glued together popsicle stick creation covered with splatters of paint and Danae’s face glued to a sparkly Christmas ball.

In our house, there’s no Martha Stewart tree! We’ve got something so much better  – a tree filled with crazy, mismatched ornaments that tell so many defining stories about our family. There are the ornaments from when we lived over seas, the “You’re a special teacher” ornaments that my students gave me, the hand stitched snowflakes, the cows and the pigs from the girls’s collection days, sport ornaments for Drew, the felt bone for our deceased dog and the felt cat for our “displaced” Twinkle Toes. There is a variety of angels, the “first home” plaques, knitted mittens and the clay treble clef thatrepresents Dawne’s piano lessons. Phoenie’s first socks hang proudly on the tree and there’s the Starbucks cup, the hearts, the snowmen,the canoe for Chris, Bob the Builder, Dora the Explorer, the fairies and the funky. There are clothespin reindeer, little fingers-stitched gingerbread men,  pop corn machines and ballerinas.

Last but not least,we certainly can’t forget Drew’s homemade pipe cleaner, wool and egg carton candy cane.

I’m smiling as I’m writing.

Good times. Great memories. One-of-a-kind ornaments.


  1. YAY!!! Christmas time again!!! I can feel the spirit miles away:D
    Ahh, I missed this year’s decoration! It’s so much fun just sitting there and hear different stories, of course, Drew’s Iceberg is one of my fav! HAHAHAHA:D

  2. What, no gold-sprayed macaroni Christmas tree with a third of the macaroni gone?

    I’m fortunate to wear a painted wooden bead necklace my daughter made in kindergarten, and a plastic-clay multi-colored rainbow brooch made by my son in kindergarten as well.

    I guess I’m just lucky!

    • oh yah….the infamous macaroni tree! I would love to see your “can’t be replaced” jewelry! Diane

  3. Displaced?? I dont think thats the right word for it…

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