Posted by: Diane | December 12, 2011

Crazy Day

OVERFLOW! met on Saturday and it was CRAZY indeed!

The day started at 2:00 p.m, I fell into bed about midnight and I don’t remember a quiet minute in between! We started with a bang when the entire group (well…we were missing Megan!) helped out at a big Christmas party for Sunrise Pregnancy and Family Support Services.  Sunrise is an organization that provides practical support and educational programs designed to meet the social, emotional, physical and spiritual needs of  those they are privileged to serve. Please see their website at

Some of the older and younger women in OVERFLOW!  babysat the young children while the moms were doing crafts, (a big thanks to Anne Marie, Elizabeth, Sam, Gloria, Florence and Emily! ) Danielle helped out in the kitchen, I spoke to the group for about twenty minutes, Linda did a marvellous job organizing and helping out with the beautiful Christmas wreath creations, Anneke was our creative photographer and videographer and of course, Karen, one of the original founders and coordinator of Sunrise, our ringleader and organizer of this event, ran from room to room, making sure that everybody was happy!

Can I just take a moment and boast about my friend, Karen? She is an amazing woman.  She has been passionately leading the Sunrise organization for twenty years now and has given so much of herself – she is loved by many. Along with being the “in charge” person at Sunrise all year round, she and her faithful elves put together a gift for each of the 25 young moms and a generous gift for each of the 50 kids who attended the party on Saturday. She is a quiet and faithful woman and I’m blessed to call her “friend”.

After the party, the OVERFLOW! group headed back to Karen’s house for her homemade chili and Linda’s homemade cookies, a lively discussion about joy, led by 14-year old, Florence, a spirited gift exchange and later in the night, some of the group thoroughly enjoyed Karen’s outdoor but screened in hot tub.

The next step was to put together some “elfing” packages for some of the moms who are involved with Karen’s group.  Everyone had brought three dozen Christmas goodies and Linda led the mission to pack all the treats. The highlight of the the evening was about to begin.

The ten of us jumped into two vans and started our “elfing” mission. We drove to ten of the young moms’ residences.  We ran to the front door, rang the doorbell, placed the package on the doorstep, sprinkled some shiny snow dust on the package and then bolted to the nearest tree and hid behind it so we could watch. In most cases, someone would come to the door and see no one, look down and be surprised with their package of treats, while we all watched the reactions and listened to the screeches of delight from the little children.  We had a wonderful time, giggling all evening long!

Eventually, the young moms figured out that Karen had something to do with the elf visits and here are some of the responses that she received in the past couple of days.

Thank you to my neighbourhood elves!! All three kids looked confused when they didn’t see anyone at the door but they were very happy with the yummy treats dropped off!

I am very grateful for the kindness from others! Thank you to the little elves that left the delicious goodies at our front door! When we were reading the letter, my son couldn’t believe that Santa’s elves were at our house!  Thank you so much!!

Thank you Christmas Elves! My son was home and he was so excited about his treats and that Elves actually came to our house to deliver them!

It was really great to see him believing so much in the magic of Christmas. I’m sure he will be talking about it for a while. 

I hear those elves like to remain anonymous! They disappear quickly!

Mine didn’t –  I cought a glimpse of them piling into a van! They were shouting, “GO GO GO”!!!! …like it was some kinda of mission… you guys are way too funny!

Ya, Allan caught them red handed at the door while putting the puppy out, scared both of them! lol sooo yummy, thank you elves:)

I dropped into one of the mom’s homes on sunday morning because she was sick and couldn’t  come to the party.  She was thrilled  with the elfing ( she conned her partner into telling her who it was. He told her that it was elves.  She said it made her day and thought it was the greatest thing ever!

I love spending time with these older and younger women and I’m looking forward to more adventures together in 2012!

OVERFLOW! is the best!


  1. What a wonderful thing you are doing Diane. Your enthusiasm and examPle to the young and older girls is wonderful. Keep overflowing with your love for others.

    • Thanks, Kathy! We have a great time – lots of learning and laughing together! Diane

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