Posted by: Diane | December 2, 2011

Quotes – Food For Thought

I love quotes. They make me think. They stay with me.  Wonderful ideas are expressed succinctly, yet so profoundly.  When I discover a great quote, I find myself reflecting on it throughout the day.  Jonathan Edwards –  preacher, theologian and missionary  – got me thinking today.

How it comes about I know not, but I have remarked it hitherto, that at those times when I have read the scriptures most, I have evermore been most lively and in the best frame.

It’s true –  this I know.

It’s easy to lose perspective as a day unfolds. I need to be constantly bathed in the truth – that’s what sets me free.  That’s what fuels me.  That’s what gives me hope. I find no greater peace than when I am reading His strong and mighty Word.

Today was one of those days when I truly delighted in the Word of God. I’m speaking tomorrow to a group of young women and I have been strengthened today, not by my regimented preparation or my eloquent speech but by the wisdom of  scripture.

This is what grounds me.

He is the reason I have something to say tomorrow.


  1. May you be blessed along with your audience as to what God lays on your heart.
    Praying for you.

  2. I know you will impart great wisdom as well as entertain!
    Wish I was there to hear you!

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