Posted by: Diane | November 29, 2011

Coming To The End Of A Season

I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.  I’ve been writing a book for the past sixteen months and I’m almost finished.

I distinctly remember the day when I made the final decision to write this book. The process leading up to this decision was long and painful but according to my journal, this new direction in my life was finalized on July 14. 2010. I had finished an exhausting year of teaching and I was reading the Bible early that morning. This verse jumped out of the pages.

Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a longing fulfilled is a tree of life.  Proverbs 13.12

There was that wonderful, life breathing word again – “hope” …and writing a book had been on my heart for many years. I knew in my spirit and I wrote in my journal that “God has opened up this season of life for me. I’m not sure where I’m going but I’m very sure of His leading…so sure that despite my feelings of inadequacy, I know that if I don’t move in this direction, I will be disobeying God. “

The next day, I ordered one recommended book about writing non-fiction and I started to write about a much needed, different and creative way to bring older and younger women together.

I never looked back. What an extraordinary journey it has been and here I am… sixteen months later, with an almost finished manuscript. There’s a part of me that shouts with joy that I will soon be writing the conclusion of this book. The other part of me has started to mourn the end of one of the most delightful seasons of my life.

Every minute of brainstorming at the kitchen table and every writing marathon, slouching over the laptop, has been amazing.  Every bit of research and every dip into the thesaurus has been a moment of discovery for me. Every inspirational bike ride and every wrestling match with words has been exhilarating. I’ve loved setting goals for myself. I’ve loved the challenge and the discipline of balancing my days with writing and resting. I’ve never felt more fulfilled and I’ve never enjoyed the simplicity of my walk with God more than I have these sixteen months.

The plan is to finish the book by Christmas, self-edit during the holidays and send in the entire manuscript in early January.

…and I have absolutely no idea what I’ll be doing after that.


  1. Oh c’mon. Write another!

  2. Go girl!!!
    Your enthusiasm and the way you look at life is an inspiration.
    You help us to “see” what we’re looking at!
    Big hugs!

  3. I wish you all the best Diane! I can’t wait to see your words in print to inspire women to intentionally seek out friendships from different generations! I know this book will be a blessing and hopefully change the way we organize women’s groups and ministries so they are relevant and life changing. I pray that we will LISTEN and LEARN from others who have “been there, done that” AND those who are just beginning their journey as young women in this world! How fun is that??
    So…..when do you begin your next book? xo

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