Posted by: Diane | November 28, 2011

The Perfect Gift

When Dawne gave me this wonderful picture gallery for my birthday, Chris and I were very aware of the amount of money, time and love that went into it so we decided that the light-colored wall with the chipped paint from all my book-writing notes taped to it,  just didn’t cut it.  We decided to repaint the wall with a more dramatic color so the pictures would pop out. I’m so glad that we (well, Chris did most of the work!) did.

Every time I throw in a pile of laundry, use the printer or grab a file, I spend a bit of time in this room,  looking at all the “remember when” pictures of our family. Apparently, picture galleries are really “in” these days but even if they weren’t, I would love this gift…mostly because it’s from my awesome daughter.

I can just picture Dawne leafing through every one’s baby book, choosing the “right” pictures, making sure that everyone was represented equally, capturing important moments, carefully measuring and designing how each picture would fit on this particular wall. Dawne’s a perfectionist when it comes to her creations so I can tell you this – as soon as we sent her a picture of the finished wall, she texted Chris back to say that the one picture without the matting DOES NOT look right on the wall.  (We included that picture because it’s an old picture of Chris’s mom’s family).  Dawne noticed the change right away and wasn’t too impressed with the unsolicited addition to her handiwork. Maybe Chris and I will have to rethink our decision.

A gift from the heart – there’s nothing better, is there?  Thank you, Dawne for gifting me with this display of precious, family memories. It really is the perfect gift…with or without that odd picture with no mat.


  1. Looks fantastic!!!!!

  2. Looks wonderful! Puts my “family wall” to shame, and that’s something with all the pictures that I have hanging up. Personal gifts are always so very much appreciated – my daughter-in-law makes detailed three-dimensional cards for special occasions – I hang them up by my desk to enjoy the intricate handiwork. Enjoy your memory wall!

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