Posted by: Diane | November 26, 2011

IKEA And Our Friday Night

What is it about IKEA?

Chris and I had a a couple of hours to kill after the party last night so we decided it was a good opportunity to pop into IKEA to replace our broken toilet paper holder.  That’s it…a simple toilet paper holder. We didn’t need anything else.  Two hours and $104.00 later, we left the store with a big bag, full of stuff.  Now, grant it we had been talking about getting some brown containers for the office and voila! –  we found four perfect boxes.  I was responsible for a certain person’s anonymous Christmas gift for the OVERFLOW! party coming up so I found a real treasure.  We couldn’t resist the $2.00, Swedish berry-smelling, Christmas red candles so we bought two for the kitchen table and despite the fact that Chris wasn’t feeling great, the sparkling juice beverage looked mighty good so we bought two bottles of that. Oh, and who can resist European chocolate bars that you can munch on while you’re driving home and throw a couple more into somebody’s Christmas stocking? We also exercised great discipline when we said, “no” to numerous bobbles and jingly things, doo-dads and whatchamacallits. Chris and I had a fun time together, following the big arrows on the floor so that we didn’t walk around in circles (actually, so that we could see every department). It was a nice, unexpected date night kind of evening as we held hands, laughed together and people-watched for two hours.

I think the bigger question is “What is it about Chris and Diane?”

I’d like to blame it on the tax but I can’t – that was a very expensive toilet paper holder. Did we NEED to spend $100.00 at Ikea? I didn’t think about it at the time but I’m asking the question now.  I’m happy with our purchases and I had a really fun night with my husband.  Sometimes, it’s nice to be spontaneous; sometimes it’s good to be disciplined.  I guess it boils down to balance, doesn’t it?

I think “finding the balance” –  not only in finances but in every area of life –  is the most difficult part of living the Christian life.

It’s important to ask the tough questions and it’s equally important to laugh, hold hands and live lightly.

However, I have to say that I’m glad that IKEA is a long way from where we live!!  That place is tough to leave without something in your hands!


  1. Hahaha..YAY….add more Swedish at the house 😀

    I agree…the “balance”, or in Chinese, “moderation” is the key in life.
    People are “motivated” by desires, if they lack of self-control, they will never find a balance in life…

  2. I agree totally !! IKEA is difficult to leave empty-handed.
    But have you ever had their lunch/dinner in the cafeteria? They have the most delicious Swedish meatballs and gravy, small boiled potatoes and either red cabbage or carrots. YUM !!!!
    Did you buy any “Pipparkoogid”- Swedish Ginger Snaps. Great with a cup of tea at night-oh yes, the orange flavoured ones are the best.
    I always look for “something Swedish” fro Christmas too- I was born there so I feel very drawn to my roots !! Would love a shirt-“Made in Sweden” !!!
    Like Eva, I think it would be fun to wear at my age !!
    “Hold hands tightly, and give with an open hand”.

  3. Sounds like a wonderful evening. Had you gone for dinner and a movie it would have cost the same! I love going to IKEA, especially the food section. Have you tried their gluten-free desserts? They are amazing! xo

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