Posted by: Diane | November 21, 2011

My Thumb Boo-Boo

On Saturday night, my husband and I decided to head to the local theatre and take in an 8:00 movie. At 7:56, I slammed the car door on my left thumb and let me tell you – besides childbirth, I can’t remember ever hurting so badly.  Now I understand why injured animals retreat into the woods and die – when I did this, I just paced the parking lot, wincing in pain, not wanting to be or talk with anyone. I just wept and walked around and around. Chris asked if I wanted to go home but I knew that he really wanted to see the movie so we headed into the theatre.  I asked Gladys, “the theatre lady” for some ice to keep the swelling down and I spend the next two hours dealing with a throbbing thumb.  I wept through the first part of the movie (and it wasn’t a tearjerker!) but eventually, the pain killers kicked in and I experienced some relief.

The early hours of the Sunday morning got rough. Once we got home, I couldn’t sleep because the pressure was building up under the nail. I let Chris sleep as long as I could but when 3:00 a.m. came around and I was wide awake, I decided it was time to take a little visit to Emergency and get my thumb checked out.  I mean, it was REALLY hurting.

Long story short –  I fractured the thumb bone and they didn’t want to burn through the nail to release the pressure of the blood buildup because of the fracture.  So, at 6:30 a.m., we left the hospital and started our Sunday. It was pretty much a “suck it up, Buttercup” scenario from that point on -there was nothing more that the doctors could do –  and it’s certainly changed our Sunday. If I could rewrite the words to a little nursery rhyme I used to say to my children….

Where is Thumbkin?
Where is Thumbkin?
Here I am, here I am.
How are you today?
Very well, thank you. Not so so good so
Go away, go away.

…but oh, how thankful I am for my loving and tender husband who, without a word of complaint, gave up his night’s sleep to attend to my “thumb boo-boo.”  Chris is a wonderful man and I am a very thankful wife.

Two are better than one, because they have a good reward for their toil. For if they fall, one will lift up his fellow. But woe to him who is alone when he falls and has not another to lift him up! Ecclesiastes 4.9


  1. Ouch! You never realize how much you depend on your thumb until something like this happens. I am surprised that the Emergency didn’t put some kind of a protector shield on your fractured thumb….that would have relieved the pressure somewhat. Praying for a speedy healing touch from the Lord. xoxox ‘Mrs. B’

  2. Oh Diane!! I just said to Barb that I didn’t get your blog today- don’t know what happened.
    You poor thing!!! Aren’t they going to DO anything ? Splint? Protector?
    I think we both have the middle name”Grace”… because we have little “mishaps”- I know I’m not graceful!! I once closed the car door whilst my head was still between the door and the car….. Ouch!! But didn’t break my head….hmmm… Maybe that’s the reason I’m the way I am!!!
    Please get well…. Big hugs!!

  3. Dear Diane,

    I am so very sorry! You are right in that there is no worse pain, bar none!
    I don’t understand them not relieving the pressure. That is ridiculous! It wouldn’t make the fracture any worse.If anything, it would take some of the fluid away that is pressing on the injury! I bet they just ” thought” this up! If it doesn’t improve, let me know. You can do it yourself, or Chris can. It’s not hard. Also, go to Shoppers and buy a splint for your thumb and just tape it on. It will prevent you from banging it and creating another “boo-boo!”
    No need to “suck it up”! Pain is pain and it hurts! Keep icing as long as there is pain. Hope that helps a little. My stomach wrenched when Kathy read your blog to me! I have been there! My hand may as well have been cut off. It could’t have pained and worse!
    Be good to yourself. That’s an order!

    Love Barb

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