Posted by: Diane | November 18, 2011

Picture On The Bedroom Wall

After I survived my last back spasm, I talked with a reputable massage therapist who wisely recommended that I start lying on this moon-shaped piece of hard foam, three times/day so that I can start stretching out the muscles in my chest.  It made sense to me since I spend a lot of my day either hunched over a laptop or hunched over my road bike. Since I have yet to find a cure for this reoccurring back spasm, I’m open to trying out just about anything that suggests proactive treatment and prevention of further pain.  So, three times/day, I lie on this piece of foam, ten minutes each time.

That’s thirty minutes/day when I stop everything I’m doing and lie still. It took a bit of getting used to but now, I look forward to these three “spots” in my day.  It really does stretch out my back, it slows me down and it builds in some quiet time to pray or just reflect on God and life. Lately, as I have been lying on this foam, my head has been tilting back a bit more and my eyes have become fixed on this picture that my husband gave me a few years ago. Even though I’ve been looking at it upside down, it’s really caused me to reflect on the past few years of my life.

girl on swing

I remember some excruciatingly painful and very dark days when God hung onto me and I hung onto Him. I would never want to go through them again but I am very thankful for all that I learned – about  my sin and about God”s greatness. He brought me through it all and I have never been the same.

My three children are now adults and I know that they have been rooted in the Truth, they’re all growing and the sun has come out again. Life is lighter…it’s not perfect – there are still cloudy days here and there – but the daily heaviness is gone.

There is hope, color, movement and meaning in the picture…and in my life. To God be the glory.


  1. I adore this picture! where can i get one? xoxo

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