Posted by: Diane | November 17, 2011

Just Another Day In My Life

What started out as a tiny tickle in my throat has become a ful fledged flu – fever, chills, sore throat, cough and achy body – as my grandmother used to say, “the whole kit and kaboodle.” Perfect timing, though – Chris is away, no kids are visiting, no scheduled guests coming to visit and I have the whole germ-infested house to myself for four days.

I promised my neighbours that I would pick up their newspaper while they’re away so the big physical commitment of my day was getting in the car, driving to the mailbox, picking up the newspaper and mail and finally, delivering all the goods eight houses up the road. I knew this would take every ounce of energy in my sick body so I stayed in my pajamas, threw on one of Chris’s sweaters and jumped into a pair of blue and green, rubber boots.  I was still wearing a serious case of “bedhead” from last night’s ten hour hibernation but I figured if I completed this mission in the early morning, no one would see me.


My car and I made it to the mailboxes and as I was attempting to remove the mail box key off the car key ring, I looked up and saw the post office ladies in their post office car coming my way, preparing to fill all the mailboxes with useless flyers and nauseating bills.

Decision time. Do I stay in the car and save face or do I take the risk and quickly retrieve the mail, hoping to complete the task before the post office ladies actually touch down at the mailboxes?

I decided to go for it.

The problem was I forgot to turn off the car when I got out. Chalk it up to my competitive prowess to “beat the clock” or my flu-induced insanity but as I skillfully opened the mailbox, my car started rolling down the road, towards the post office car. The normally pleasant post office ladies swerved to the right of the road, stopped their car and yelled, “Are you crazy, lady?”

What could I say to that? Picture it. My mail was thrown all over the ground, I was wearing an oversized sweater, pajamas bottoms and unnecessary rubber boots, my hair was sticking up in all directions and I was chasing my car as it headed down the dirt road! I mean, it was like watching a “I LOVE LUCY” rerun! ( for you younger readers, google it!)

So, you tell me…am I crazy? Or is it just another day in my life?


  1. thanks for the smile!

  2. Doesn’t it bug you, when your mind tells you what the safe thing to do is, and you choose to take the risky side? Happens to me all the time. I can see you clearly, and sorry that I am laughing. I’m sure that you didn’t laugh but your whole being, was saying “ugh”!

    Look at it from this perspective! You had another story to tell! Thanks!

    Kath is at the pool soaking in the 80 deg. Sun. Now that’s no surprise!

    Love Barb

  3. Oh rats!!!
    (I forgot to push the comment button and my comment disappeared.)
    Thanks for the morning smile, Diane.
    That’s why “I Love Lucy ” was so popular. We could see ourselves doing the same thing, yet we could laugh about it knowing that someone else did it !!
    Oh the foibles of mice and men!
    Sorry you’re not well. And no one to care for you and make chicken soup 😦 … Wish I was there. Big hugs. K

  4. Oh Diane. xo Linda

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