Posted by: Diane | November 10, 2011

Those Humbling Moments

I don’t know about  you but I find that life has a way of “putting me in my place” quite quickly.  I mean, as soon as I start thinking smugly…as soon as I think I’m “doing pretty good”, life unfolds in such a way that I am humbled and snapped back to reality.

Take yesterday.

I was heading to an interview for a possible part time job.  I got dressed and finished off my outfit with this funky, chunky, black belt. I took a last look in the mirror and thought to myself, “Yup..I’m looking pretty good” and confidently headed to Aurora for my appointment. I drove for an hour, waited for fifteen minutes,took two trips to the bathroom where there was a full length mirror, sat through an hour interview and drove for two hours, from Aurora to Bracebridge –  and never noticed that I was wearing my funky, chunky, black belt inside out!  …and I mean, it was blatantly obvious. No one would have missed seeing this…but somehow, I did. So much for first impressions.

Oh yah…I certainly know how to make my own fashion statement!

I never seem to get an opportunity to “think more highly than I ought” about myself. I am constantly humbled by a loving God Who, I believe, has a real sense of humor. He lets me get myself cornered, caught and captured in endlessly embarrassing situations.  I suppose He knows that I’ll get through it…that I can laugh at myself…that it all makes for some good stories. So, it just keeps going.

I think it’s important that we don’t take ourselves too seriously. Paul McCartney once said, “I don’t take me seriously. If we get some giggles, I don’t mind.”  I don’t mind, either. I want to take my sin seriously but I don’t want to take myself too seriously.  I don’t want to laugh about doing wrong or hurting people or being selfish but I do want to be able to laugh at myself. I strive for balance in my life – making the main thing the main thing; taking my salvation seriously and being ever aware of what Jesus has done on the cross – but also soaking up the light moments of life.

Having said that, if you ever see me wearing my shirt inside out or wandering around your neighbourhood with two different colored shoes, PLEASE let me know!

Surround yourself with people who take their work seriously, but not themselves, those who work hard and play hard.        

Colin Powell


  1. I’m sure we’ve all been there and done that. I remember going to church with my apron on, and then another time with my skirt on backwards – zipper nicely showing. It’s just a reminder that we’re thinking about more important things!

  2. Dear Diane,

    You make me laugh! I love your outlook. You are the most balanced person I know. I hope that you rub off on me and help me get rid of my very unbalanced outlook. Ask anyone who knows me, they ‘ll tell you I take everything too seriously and I’m hard on myself. Thanks again for giving me a visual… I was with you all the way and could see you doing the top to bottom at each and every opportunity! I willhave now a picture in my mind of you finally seeing the real picture, and that will remind me to smile a while. Life is too short and far too serious , all in the wrong places.

    Thanks for posting this and telling your story. If you hadn’t , I wouldn’t have that new visual in my memory bank to remind me to “lighten up Buttercup”. A member of my family gave me that advice over the summer! OK I didn’t laugh then nor now, but see it worked! I remember it frequently!

    So, that’s my story,
    Love Barb

    PS …if it’s In God’s sovereign plan, even with your belt on wrong, you will get the job!!! Haha

  3. When you have been around as long as I have, you certainly can relate to this scenario. I once bought the same style of shoes….black and brown, because they were comfortable and you guessed it….I wore a black and brown one to work one day. I have also worn mismatched earrings among other things. One day I went to work with my pyjama top squeezed into my waist line. Isn’t wonderful though that we can laugh about these incidents and laugh at ourself? I am quite sure that God has a sense of humour….consider the giraffe…what WAS He thinking when He created that creature? xoxox
    ‘Mrs. B.’

    • You make a good point, Mrs. B. I LOVE giraffes – definitely my favourite animal…and yes, that’s quite a creation! Diane

  4. Sooooo important to be able to laugh at ourselves eh? The God I’ve come to know and love has a wonderful sense of humour – “Shes” a hoot! a minute and “He’s” merciful and compassionate. Don’t worry, I was at a presentation last night at church and the presenter did a wonderful job, however as we were cleaning up someone asked him if he had his sweater on backwards……indeed the V was at the back and the Tommy Hillfigher crest was on his back left shoulder…….ever just want to reach out and hug someone?! Content of presentation – 10, wardrobe – priceless – and so is Our Lord.
    Good luck on pinning down that illusive job Diane – whoever hires you will be doubly blessed.
    Peace and Joy!

    • Hi Debbie…I wore my jumper inside out at work one day and no one said anything about it until the end of the day! It’s comforting to know that it happens to other people too! Diane

  5. One of the men in our office had his golf shirt on inside out – when it was pointed out he said “it’s not my fault – my wife dresses me” 🙂

  6. Our friend F. who lives down the lake from you tells the funniest story of going into a gas station to go to the restroom. When she came out people smiled at her, the workers whistled, and some construction workers gave her the thumbs up. She also was thinking “hmmmm. I must look pretty good.”
    As she smoothed the back of her dress to sit-down in her sports car, her hand smoothed her pantyhose!! Her dress was completely caught in its waistband and she was dispaying much more than was acceptable !
    We’ve had many a laugh over this incident, and when she tells it, we get laughing so hard at her predicament…. knowing it can happen to any of us!!!
    Laughter is good for the soul.
    Laughter Is good for the soul!!!

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