Posted by: Diane | October 29, 2011

OVERFLOW! on the Frontlines.

The OVERFLOW! group met today!

We headed to downtown, Toronto this morning to help out at Frontlines, a community drop-in centre that offers much needed services and programs to needy youth and other groups in the neighbourhood of Weston, in the northwest corner of Toronto.  Ten of us arrived at the centre, ready to help out in whatever ways were required.  One group headed to the kitchen to chop vegetables for a delicious potato – leek soup. They also baked a great carrot cake, made from the biggest carrots I’ve ever seen!

Another group bee-lined to the craft table and supervised a spider making extravaganza.

Of course, there was some time to just hang out with the kids…

…and all of us in OVERFLOW! were truly shocked at the scariest spider made!  (What a bunch of “hams”! )

Kristy, the executive director of Frontlines, spent some time with us after all the kids had picked up their homemade pumpkin cookies ( thanks so much, Linda!) and gone home. We asked a lot of questions about Frontlines and heard a lot of sad stories about different kids who frequent this drop in centre but the “proof was in the pudding” when we watched the way things work at this place. This is “home” for these “high risk” kids – a safe and loving place for them to hang out with an amazing group of dedicated staff and volunteers who truly care about building their community. There are a number of creative programs run here and a strong Christian presence is woven through everything that goes on.

What’s the bottom line? This place is all about relationships. In Kristy’s words, “it’s not about fixing or changing anyone – it’s just about lovin’ on these boys.”  Kristy and her  staff are doing the lovin’ and they are confident that God will do the rest.

I was particularly touched by one particular piece of artwork that was thumbtacked to the wall.

This young boy is thinking big about a big God!


  1. Congratulatons Overflow group for putting feet and hands to helping others.
    It surely looks like you had a really fun and productive time.
    It’s not what you say, but how you have made someone feel.
    God bless all of you.
    Good work Diane for your inspiration and love to your group and to others.

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