Posted by: Diane | October 27, 2011

A Good Writing Day

It’s 7:55 pm and I finally finished this chapter. I’ve been stuck at this place in my book for about a week but today was a GREAT day of writing and I victoriously ploughed through my writing block.  It took twelve hours of writing, thinking and rewriting but I did it! I’m still wearing the same red and yellow striped flannel pajama bottoms and blue cotton nighty that I slept in last night BUT I added a fashionable pair of grey and white polka – dot socks and topped up my attire with a warm green sweater since the early morning hours around here were rather nippy. There’s not much beauty to behold but there’s a finished chapter!

I had to laugh – when I finally got up to stretch and grab yet another cup of tea, I looked back to my writing hole and this is what I saw.

Good thing that Chris is away!  To be honest, the mess wouldn’t bother him but I think he would comment on my outfit!

I thought back through my day and other than being hunched over on the couch with my laptop, I took three bathroom breaks,(way too much tea!)  one trip outside to the compost pile, two visits to the refrigerator, answered four telemarketing calls and took a couple of b-i-g stretches while I watched the sun set. That’s it. That was my day. I didn’t even make time to exercise and that’s very unusual for me.

How can a day like that feel so good?

I think it has something to do with the desires of my heart.

I never get tired of writing and the sense of accomplishment that I feel as I work my way through each chapter just tickles my fancy. It’s pure delight.

I love every minute of this mess and I am so thankful for this glorious season in my life.


  1. Love your focus, diligence, and enthusiasm !!
    Keep writing and following your dream.
    As someone said,
    “Love what you do
    And do what you love.”
    Truly, “The Heart of the matter.”

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