Posted by: Diane | October 26, 2011

The Heart Of The Matter

I’ve been really distracted from my book for the past couple of days. I’ve blogged 315 days and I’ve never received so many hits, emails and comments about the content of my blog until today.  There is something about wrapping red ribbon around the wastewater vents so they look like candy canes that seems to have struck a cord with many readers. I wasn’t expecting such a reaction. I wish that more people would comment on the blog, rather than personally email me because I think many readers would be really interested in what people are thinking about this particular situation.

It seems like such a simple thing – making a goofy observation about the candy cane shape of the vents in Richmond Hill and wanting to decorate them this Christmas – but it’s become much more complicated than that.  It is most certainly not my place to animadvert on the few people who consider this act to be vandalism: they are entitled to and I respect their opinion – that’s why I wrote yesterday’s blog. However, I have found it fascinating to “hear back” from so many readers whose comments range from, ” life brings enough heaviness in a day – I’m all for some moments of glee” to “some people’s worlds are much too small to be focused on this as an act of vandalism” to “party pooper” to “some people need to take a chill pill” to “ask for permission and you go, girl!”   

So, I asked myself, “why such a strong response to such a simple idea?”

I think people long for simplicity and lightness in their lives. I think people are moved by small acts of kindness and creativity. I think small things can actually shine quite brightly in the midst of a busy and demanding day.  Small things like a steaming cup of coffee or finding a quarter on the sidewalk or having a door opened for you – they speak loudly…they bring a smile.

Remember the WWJD movement?  What would Jesus do? I never got into wearing those WWJD bracelets but it is an interesting question. If Jesus was walking on this earth and He knew of my intentions, what would He do?

I think He would see past the act and right into my heart.

I really do.


  1. Hi Diane,

    I have just read yesterday and then today’s blogs. How did something so fun and innocent get blown out of proportion? My personality leads to walking safely and guarded, not taking any risk. I guess some would call me a coward, other’s call me a “peace maker” or at leSt keeping the peace. I envy those who will take opportunities to share some joy, even at the risk of being misunderstood by some.

    My experience however, is to be married to a man who is a true opportunist, and takes risks with confidence, when all the research and homework has been done, proving that the probable outcome would be and should be positive. I have come to admire him and almost wish that I was more like him, however, we do balance each other in the long run. We have both learned from each other.
    However, all that being said,he has done similar things to bring some good or joy to others by using township property , and 100% of the time, they tore down our signs or threatened to charge us a fine if within a certain time frame we did not remove the decor. They were simple things similar to ribbons on a vent. We have learned the hard way not to challenge bylaws, well I have. My husbands take on it is, set out to change the bylaws. Kathy listed many things that seem to miss the eyes of these bylaw police. Who can understand why or how our society functions?

    I admire your ambition, Diane, and your love of life and wanting to share your happiness with others. Unfortunately the “joy stealers” out there will oppose you and make it hard. I applaud you, Diane, and don’t give up trying!


  2. Yes Barb. I agree !
    Let freedom reign !
    And Joy
    And Your Love of Life
    And Sharing Your Happiness
    And being happy with those who are happy
    And putting smiles on peoples’ faces !!


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