Posted by: Diane | October 23, 2011

Good Moments

Yesterday was a great day.  I was asked to speak to a group of women, on the topic of  “Stepping into New Shoes”  as well as lead a workshop called, “Potholes and Dancing Scarves.”  When I was younger and involved in fulltime mission work, I did a fair bit of speaking but with all the changes in my life in the past ten years, speaking “moved to the back burner” for a while.  I am delighted to be given the opportunities this fall to speak to groups of women about the book I am currently writing as well as being able to share my passion for storytelling with humorous life lessons that I have experienced.

My friend and I put on a workshop in her basement and Linda spent a long time “setting the mood. She really knows how to welcome people in her home and she spent hours of preparation time, creatively setting up twelve different stations to represent different possible “seasons” in a woman’s life. Here are some samples…




everyday chores

The workshop went really well and Linda led a great discussion with the group of twelve. It’s just good for women to come together and talk about life…the good moments and the difficult seasons. It helps us become more vulnerable, it lifts our hearts and moves us to desire change.

…and after it all, I was exhausted! It’s taken me two days to recover!

It definitely was a “dancing scarves”  moment.

Dancing Scarves Tree


  1. I’m excited to hear more about this. – and I’m sure you did a great job Diane

  2. Di. You did a fantastic job! Your stories and “joie de vivre” were inspirational! Loved being involved with this and hopefully our ladies left with a challenge to step into new shoes and live life to the fullest, to listen to God to know what the next step is and believe that He has an amazing plan for each and every one of them. Thanks for a great day! xo

  3. Linda. You did such an awesome job on those stations they look amazing!!

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