Posted by: Diane | October 18, 2011

Grace, Grace, Wonderful Grace

This morning, my daughter sent me this video.

It puts everything into perspective.  Like one of the judges says, “it just makes everything you worry about so pathetic.”

Good health is often assumed, isn’t it? We wake up in the morning, crawl out of bed and for most of us, every part of our body is working. We may experience a bit of stiffness or an upset stomach or maybe the flu will keep us at home for a couple of days while we recover with crackers and homemade chicken soup.  But generally speaking, we move with ease and our bodies cooperate.

Yet, we complain about the most trivial things – muffin top middles, big ears, the odd wrinkle, imperfect calves,greying hair, ugly toes. I agree with the judge – it IS pathetic.

Once in a while, we “meet” people who have physically suffered all their lives and their stories stay with us.  I don’t watch “X-Factor” but I am so thankful that Danae sent me this video because this is a story that I will remember.  This young man, Immanuel,  exudes a quiet and gentle spirit, humility and inner strength.  I believe that God does not waste our pain and Immanuel is triumphant – whether he wins this competition or not.

It is a good thing to be without a trouble; but it is a better thing to have a trouble, and know how to get grace enough to bear it.    Spurgeon


  1. I have never watched XFactor and tuned in before another program. And lo and behold, this was the only competitor . I was in tears the whole time!! His wonderful adoptive family was in the wings and you could see their love and support along with his natural brother who was also physically challenged. What an example of a loving supportive family!!

  2. Absolutely amazing. What courage that young man had to walk out on that stage and perform. He really inspires me and probably thousands more. I’m so glad they voted him through to the next round. I hope he goes all the way!

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