Posted by: Diane | October 15, 2011

A Shared Birthday Celebration

Another blanket finished!  Phoenie’s 7th birthday is quickly approaching so I’ve been busy crocheting a Hudson’s Bay blanket for him. This afternoon, I surprised him and judging from the picture, my little toothless grandson liked what he saw!

It’s a very windy night and at this very minute, Phoenie’s snuggling up on the couch near the fire. He’s covered up with his new”Nana-made” blanket and is deeply engaged in a challenging Indiana Jones DS game. When I asked him how long he thought it took me to make the blanket, he stopped for a minute and gave it some deep thought. He looked up at me and said,

About two hours?” Then his eyes looked down and he was lost again in his Indiana Jones adventure on screen.

 Hm….NOT a good answer, Phoenie.  Then again, when I was seven years old, a homemade blanket wouldn’t have been my first choice for a birthday gift either.

Papak and Phoenie made a really cool Zebra cake for his birthday dinner because as quoted by Phoenie, “I think Zebra cake is my favourite cake!”  After the cake was made, Papak, Phoenie and I went to see the movie,  Dolphin Tale.  We had a really fun afternoon together. I was sitting beside Phoenie and no exaggeration when I say this – he talked through 2/3 of the movie…telling me about dolphins, what he learned at school about spiders, what his opinion was about Winter’s new tail, why it’s important to lock doors and how much he missed swimming in the lake. Yet, he just LOVED the movie!

But today’s birthday celebration wasn’t just for Phoenie – we were celebrating my birthday too! Certainly, the highlight of the day for me was when Dawne brought out this incredible gift.  She’s been working on it for weeks – a gallery wall of family pictures!  I was just speechless! Beautiful memories and so much love put into all the work!  I can hardly wait to see all the pictures on the wall tomorrow. This is something that I’ve wanted to do for years but just never got around to it…but Dawne did!  I love it!

Chris and Guy made a multi-colored birthday dinner and it was marvelous – parsnip and pear soup, followed by fresh salmon with lemon and parmesan cheese, pasta with marinara sauce, red pickled cabbage and broccoli with homemade cheese sauce.  AND they did all the clean up too!  It doesn’t get much better than that!

Now it’s time for singing the birthday song,blowing out the candles and digging into the Zebra cake!


Good Night!


  1. Wow! I love your ( Phoenie’s) Hudson’s Bay blanket! and your gift from Dawne. Where will you hang them?
    How do you make Zebra cake. it looks yummy!Glad you had a good day!

    Joe and I went out tonight to celebrate Joe’s birthday #63 !!! ,as it’s his birthday today! He spent it working like crazy on our renos!! Got lots done- with help from a couple of guys!( the finished work will be a gift for both of us) And he got calls from lots of his kids!!

  2. Happy Happy Birthday to my precious friend! What joy to celebrate with your little man~ask Chris to show you the photo of our kiddos in London together! xo

  3. Diane, I haven’t been to your blog in some time…..or anybody’s for that matter!
    Great to hear Michael W today.
    Just listening to the new Andre Crouch album called The Journey – uplifting!! Al thinks Chris would like it if you don’t know it already.
    Enjoyed your birthday celebration with Phoenie. What a great day you must have had together – evidence of many blessings for sure!!

  4. Love the blanket – never thought of recreating a Hudson’s Bay blanket in crochet – it looks just like one! – sure would appreciate the pattern!

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