Posted by: Diane | October 10, 2011

The Thanksgiving Chair

I just finished my favorite sandwich of the year – the “turkey-and-dressing-and-a-little-bit-of sausage meat-on-fresh-toasted-oatmeal-bread-with-butter-and-mayo-the-day-after-Thanksgiving” sandwich. There’s just nothing better. When everyone has gone home, (well, almost everyone) the festivities are over, the last plate has been put away and the day is slowing down, I get to indulge in the simple pleasure of this sandwich.  I look forward to this “day after” speciality every year, especially if it was my turn to host the family get together the night before.  I never seem to fully enjoy the dinner when I’m the one who cooked it.  So, the next day becomes very special to me. I pick just the right moment and then I dive in.

I love Thanksgiving for so many different reasons.  Put the glorious weather, the family, the turkey dinner and infamous pumpkin pie/whipped cream, the fall colors and the long weekend together and no question – this is my favorite holiday of the year. We really missed Drew at home this year. Apparently, he and his Canadian friends were determined to fine a turkey somewhere in London, England so they searched high and low until they found one.  They all celebrated Thanksgiving together in Drew’s flat and we were able to “visit” with him for a while.  Thank you, Skype.

Of course, our family seldom celebrates a holiday when everything runs perfectly and this holiday was no exception. I have given up on “The Good Housekeeping” holiday because it just stresses me out.  I do my best but I set my expectations low because just happens and often, there is some mishap.

After everyone had left this afternoon – including my husband, who headed to Washington for the next five days – I sat down to “process” the weekend. I took a little personal inventory of how I did this weekend with all the people and all the responsibility. How was my attitude?  Did I love everyone well?  Were my priorities right? ( I do remember having to consciously give up on keeping the kitchen floor clean, as well as trying to quietly and graciously clean up dog poop on the upstairs carpet)  I think I did alright. I remember some good conversations, some touching times, some humorous moments and a wonderful dinner..and I choose to think about those things.  Was it perfect?  No.  It never is..but that has become OK.

When I came across this powerful video this afternoon, it put everything into perspective. I’m tired from the weekend but I am indeed, thankful.


  1. That video has a powerful message of being thankful regardless of the time of day, the circumstances, when we feel like it or don’t. Great video. Thanks for sharing that!

    I also agree that the turkey sandwich is the best! I always enjoy heating everything up the next day…for some reason it is tastier the second day after the flavours have meshed together! xo

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