Posted by: Diane | September 23, 2011

Thought Provoking Signs

I couldn’t find my Daytimer.  All I could think about was I had no other record of my appointments and commitments from now until Christmas. YIKES!  I looked everywhere for this calendar and it was nowhere to be found. I backtracked through my busy day yesterday and started calling all the places that I visited on my trip to Newmarket…and there were A LOT of places.  When I drive south, I pile as much as I can fit in my day so that I don’t need to make many trips.  At the end of the day, lots of long distance phone calls had been made but no calendar was found. I was frustrated and felt a bit panicky.

This morning, as I began to lament once again, my husband tried to convince me to use the calendar on my Blackberry and/or to synchronize with him by using an online calendar. I asked him the name of the calendar application. He looked at me in amazement and quietly responded, “you’re scaring me, Diane…for a minute, I thought you were asking me to set you up on one.”  Chris knows that as convenient as it might be, technology is my last resort.  I need a “real” calendar – something I can hold in my hand and turn the pages. I started the tedious work of trying to recall every commitment I have made for the next four months and I could feel my level of frustration quickly growing.

Boy, I certainly am dependent on this dumb calendar” was a thought that flashed through my mind.

With great trepidation, Chris suggested that I take one more look in the car because I arrived home last night and it was dark.  I was doubtful but I headed to the car for a quick peek.  I found an old, rubbery apple, three vitamins, two binder clips, two half finished water bottles, a bag of pretzels and a spatula but no – WAIT! – I FOUND IT! My Daytime had slipped between the seats.  I was ecstatic.  I ran back into the house and performed a victory dance for Chris. I could live again – the calendar had been found.

However, “How can life fall apart so quickly, just because I misplaced my calendar?” continued to plague my thinking.

Later this morning, I headed back to the venue where I was speaking last weekend because one of the young moms had forgotten her phone charger and asked me to pick it up for her.  I was a bit behind in my day (because I spent so much time looking for my calendar!) but I figured this was as good a time as any so off I went.

As I made a left turn onto the property, there is a earth-colored sign that has been there for years. It says, “WE WOULD SEE JESUS”.  It made me take a deep breath and I started to reflect on my behavior when “life doesn’t go my way.”  I picked up the phone charger and headed home.  On the way out, there is another earth-colored sign that reads, ” WE BEHELD HIS GLORY”.

I felt rebuked. My days are often controlled by my calendar, rather than the expectation to meet Jesus.  Twenty four hours of opportunity to behold His glory and I allow my joy and my perspective to be stolen by my Daytimer.

Something to think about.

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