Posted by: Diane | September 21, 2011

We’re All Broken People

I was listening to the radio in the car while I drove to Toronto yesterday.  This song came on and I turned up the volume.  I had heard it before but had missed the name of the artist. The song stayed with me all day so when I got home lat night, I googled it.  The artist’s name is Jason Gray and the song is great. It’s different than a lot of Christian music.

More importantly, Jason’s message is strong. Apparently, I’m not the only one who likes him.

While his work has garnered gushing critical accolades, it wasn’t primarily the literate craftsmanship of his songs that drew the immediate respect of his peers and a solid fan base to him. It was, rather, Jason’s candor, his transparency, his willingness to expose his own weaknesses night after night that created an inexplicable bond with audiences and prompted Centricity Music to sign him in 2006. When a guy who grew up as a chronic stutterer in an abusive home takes the mic and obviously cares more about loving you than about what you think of him, you know something’s up.”

What I really like about Jason is that he is “real.” There’s no pretense. He explains it best.

“”I’m actually grateful now,” Jason says, “that my speech handicap never afforded me the option of masking my weakness behind an illusion of competency.  Whenever I opened my mouth, there it was for all to see… something was clearly wrong with Jason.  I couldn’t fool others or myself.  I think the best thing that can happen to us is to be ‘found out’ for all that we are, our religious and human pretenses stripped away to reveal our sin, pettiness, and weakness.  Then we can devote our energies to better endeavors than the constant masquerade of sufficiency.  The added benefit is that people are able to see how God’s grace works in a real person’s life.  When we come clean about our brokenness, Christ becomes the star of our testimony and not us.”

We need more authenticity and less mask – wearing in this world.  Let’s face it – we’re all broken people.

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