Posted by: Diane | September 15, 2011

You Are The Way

I had a very important meeting early this morning – a meeting that I have been looking forward to for a long time.  It was so important that I drove to Guelph last night with a friend, stayed in a hotel, googled and reviewed directions to the restaurant, got up really early this morning and gave myself an hour of “just in case” room to get to a destination that was only fifteen minutes away.

I’ve got everything under control”  is what I was thinking. I knew what I was wearing, where I was going, what questions I needed to ask and what I thought needed to get done.

Boy, was I in for a surprise.

I pulled out of the hotel driveway, made a couple of turns and then proceeded to hit construction. Not once…not twice…continually. It seemed that every effort I made to “stick to the plan” was thwarted by the presence of orange traffic cones, screaming, “THIS  WAY WON”T WORK.”

I asked for directions, I sped down different roads, I made numerous U turns and I had a very unproductive temper tantrum.  I then found myself completely turned around and heading towards Fergus, miles outside of Guelph.

Amen to the man who once said,  “Life is what happens between all your plans.” 

I arrived at the restaurant 25 minutes late. I was completely flustered as I ran in the door with my laptop bag and purse swinging off one arm and my bag of journals bouncing off my left hip. The meeting didn’t “run” like I thought it would at all. I never used my laptop and I didn’t open any journals. I ate sausage and eggs.  I listened. I learned. I was encouraged.

I can tell you what DID happen…God’s perfect will – undeniably different than my most carefully laid out plans.

Man plans his ways but the Lord directs his steps. That’s what scripture says. (Proverbs 16.9)

What DID happen was a gentle confirmation that writing and rewriting a book is exactly what I need to keep doing. I’m on the right track.

What DID happen was an unexpected blessing that made me weep pretty much the rest of the day. Something was said that my heart understood.

I made my way back to the hotel in fifteen minutes.

What can I say?  Sometimes my heart wants to sing.

Thank you, Lord for reminding me that it’s You and You alone who makes my life “work”….no one and nothing else.  No part time job, no strategic planning, no time line or disciplined routine, no relationship, no agenda –

It’s Your way, Jesus.  You are the Way.

Dear God...


  1. Oh that we would always see and know that truth!!!

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