Posted by: Diane | September 12, 2011

“So, What’s For Dinner, Honey?”

I was deep in thought this morning,when I heard the “ding” of my phone, letting me know that someone had just texted. It was my husband.

Hey, you should blog about the nice dinner we had last night.”

I snickered and texted back.

Actually, that’s a great idea…thanks… what could I say about it?  What would be the point?”

Chris, in all his wit, responded quickly.

Honoring your partner. (Heh-heh) Tending to the sick.”

Ok. So, I’ll be honest. Many people have recently been quite impressed with the delicious dinner that Chris and I prepared for our son on Saturday night. I must humbly say, it was a smashing success. So, how could I possibly top such an exquisite dining experience? After all, Chris was quite sick yesterday so the least I could do was prepare a special Sunday night dinner for him.

I made a big bowl of popcorn for the first course and we had licorice for dessert.  If that isn’t love, what is?  🙂

We had a quiet evening together, watching TV and catching up with each other, after a busy weekend. The funny thing was that Chris never said a word about the odd menu.

…until this morning, when I received this text.

Sometimes, you just have to kick back and laugh. After all, according to Proverbs 17:22, a cheerful heart is good medicine.  

One of the many reasons I adore my husband is that he makes me laugh every day. Even under stress, he delights in finding humour in the moment. He’s got the timing down perfectly and then he looks at me, anticipating my big smile. Most of the time, it happens this way…and I am very thankful for it.

A great sense of humour is a beautiful gift to give and receive – especially on a Monday morning.


  1. A complete meal consists of a protein, a carbohydrate and a vegetable. Popcorn, amazingly enough, fulfills all three requirements. Nothing to apologize for in my books.

  2. What a fun “complete meal”!!

  3. Yum!! A big bowl of the grains food group and licorice , red or white, to give it colour!! Better than manna!!!

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