Posted by: Diane | September 7, 2011

The Sound Of Silence

minden cottage life

minden flag

The wood sign says it all.  I don’t think anything is better than cottage life.  I really don’t – except maybe being at a cottage all alone, enjoying the sound of silence.

When I arrived yesterday afternoon, I made my way to the dock and nestled into a big Muskoka chair, looking out onto Bob Lake.  I looked and listened, taking it all in.  The silence was breathtaking.  All I heard was the odd gurgle of water..a ripple.

It’s been a long time since I’ve listened to silence.  When I write at home, there are patches of quietness but it’s never silent. There’s the next door neighbour’s lawn mower ploughing through his property, the rumbles of the passing trains and the whir of the dryer. The microwave rings when my chai tea is warmed up and the stove has a constant and very annoying ding when it’s finished pre-heating. There are cars passing by and often, I can hear Chris’ voice coming from the back office. As a result, I wear ear plugs when I’m writing in Beaverton.

But here? No need for ear plugs.

minden chairs

minden beach

minden dock

minden stairs

I couldn’t get enough of the silence.  When I came inside, I decided to keep things simple –  I  crocheted. I sat quietly for an hour and half, watching the sun slowly go down through the holes in my blanket… and I continued to listen to silence.

minden hook

It was magnificant… life giving… soul quenching. I’ve not felt such peace in a long time.

It was the perfect way to start a writing retreat.

He who does not know how to be silent will not know how to speak.   Ausonius


  1. Diane, your writing is thirst quenching as a reader. I hope you find great inspiration at Bob Lake and are able to hear the whispers of Our Creator in the rustling of the leaves and the ripples in the lake. May His word rest gently on your heart. Silence is golden!
    Shhhhhh – listen. With prayers.

  2. Aaaaah. Such exquisite peace. God I’d good!!!

  3. As soon as I left your site the song came to me. A very old song written in 1887 by Peter Bilhorn.

    “Peace, peace, sweet peace
    Wonderful gift from above
    Oh, wonderful, wonderful peace
    Sweet peace, the gift of God’s love. ”

    Enjoy the peace.

  4. Wow Beautiful pictures! Now you know why we always go up there! I am so glad that you are savouring it up there.

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