Posted by: Diane | September 3, 2011

When The Moment Is Good

I was sitting on our bed, talking to a friend on Skype. We were deep into conversation, when I looked up to stretch my neck and saw them.  A huge skein of geese came slip-sliding across the water, wings frantically flapping wide, acting like brakes. They cackled their disapproval as they all landed and bumped into each other. I watched them settle in, solve their grievances and begin to float single file, army style. It’s not the first time this has happened. They have an entire lake to scoot across but for some reason, they often congregate in front of our property.

Suddenly, as if the leader had lifted its baton and directed the group to move, all the geese began to perform  synchronized duck dives..or should I say, goose dives? It was like watching a beautiful water ballet unfold and I must say, it was mesmerizing. I completely forgot that my friend was waiting for a response to a difficult question.  I heard  my name called and I was snapped back into reality.  I looked down at the screen and started to tell my friend what I had just seen. Being a swimmer and synchronized swimmer in her youth, my friend was also captivated with my story.

I looked up again, hoping to sneak another peek at the spectacular performance on water but all the geese had gone….and so was the moment.

My friend and I continued to talk when suddenly, I heard the familiar cackle again.  I was delighted to witness an encore performance however I realized that this time, all forty geese had landed on our property and were pooping up a storm. I ran out of the room, down the stairs, through the living room, out the door, down the deck stairs and onto the waterfront, making crazy loud noises. I “shooed” the geese away, only to step in the “gifts” that they had left behind.

The magic was over.

What a poignant reminder to bask in the good moments of life,  for they are fleeting. After they are gone, we are left with the “dung” of reality, aren’t we?  Life is hard but God is good. Christianity provides a worldview that gives us hope for today and for eternity to come but recognizes the dismal condition of this world.

So, it’s important to look for God’s creative and loving hand on our day and when those glorious moments of lightness and frolic come our way,  jump right in, take a picture and enjoy the occasion.

If you want a religion to make you comfortable, I certainly don’t recommend  Christianity.  C.S. Lewis


  1. Love the pictures and comparisons!!
    So true Diane. Keep writing !
    I think the Lord gave you this home on the lake for fodder for your writing.

  2. So true that’s why you captured these moments in words. Thank you for sharing!

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