Posted by: Diane | September 1, 2011

The Dilemma

May I just vent for a moment?  Writing is hard work!

Perhaps I should reword that statement…REwriting is hard work. Actually, if I really want to be honest and articulate about the difficulties of writing, I would have to say that it’s not only battling the all-consuming and challenging rewriting process but also developing the ability to painstakingly carve out uninterrupted time to escape into the writing mode and come out, one chapter later.

That’s what I’m learning – there’s the writing world and then there is the real world.

When I successfully enter the writing world, I ignore all phone calls and emails, I don’t get distracted with dust bunnies puffing past me, it’s “fend for yourself” at meal times, there is no time to talk to the neighbours so I sneak out with the garbage after the sun goes down, I keep strange hours – often writing into the wee hours of the night, I forget to eat and I wear the same flannel pajama bottoms and one of Chris’ T shirts day after day. I’m telling you… it’s another world but strangely enough, I love going there.  The routine is comforting, the self discipline is demanding and the goals are ambitious. I love taking short chai tea breaks when I’ve written something to celebrate and then there are those inspirations moments when I walk out onto the deck to experience the waves.

But I always have to come back to the real world….changing bedsheets for the constant rotation of guests, crawling through my garden for clothespins that drop when I’m hanging laundry, folding lawn chairs so that the wind doesn’t take them to the next beach, watering plants, picking tomatoes, cleaning dishes, changing garbage bags, preparing meals, answering emails, shopping, solving problems, fixing window blinds, looking for a part time job and finding my way through Drew’s laundry hills in his bedroom.

How do other writers do it? How do they balance the demands of writing and the reality of a faulty alarm on the UV sensor of their water treatment system?

It’s a real mystery.

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