Posted by: Diane | August 25, 2011

Little Things, Huge Delights

Phoenie and his parents had a stressful drive down from Sudbury last night, fearful that they were going to get caught in the way of a tornado’s path. It was a scary time.  At one point, mom and dad were arguing about whether to get off the highway and stay in a nearby hotel for the night or drive right through to Beaverton and Phoenie was in tears, wondering what was going on.  The decision was eventually made that they would keep on driving so they were all relieved when they finally arrived to our place in the late evening. Phoenie bounced out of the car in his pajamas and ran straight into my waiting arms.

I knew that Phoenie needed a big hug and an opportunity to laugh.  I love to watch him laugh.  His head drops back, his mouth stretches wide open, showing a cavern of missing teeth and his body crumbles into a twisted heap of gangly limbs.  I surprised him with a jumbo book of children’s Sudoku puzzles that he could do on the plane to Vancouver today. Then I showed him this picture I recently took of the car ahead of me.

It just made his day.  He studied the picture carefully, sounding out the letters on the licence.  Then it clicked. He was sitting on his bed at the time and his head dropped back, his mouth stretched wide open, showing… you know what I mean.

Right after that, he crashed for the night.

Such little things…..such huge delights.



  1. I luv Nana too!!

  2. I saw this car today!!!!!!

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