Posted by: Diane | August 23, 2011

Ah, To Be Young…

I had just finished a nice, long walk and as I turned onto Alsops Beach Rd,  I met up with a neighbour, who has two beautiful little girls.  Ocean is three years old and she was intentionally driving her little plastic car over every pot hole she could find on the road…and may I add, that she was enjoying every moment of her thrilling and bumpy adventure.  How different we are as adults – we will do everything possible to avoid the pot holes and we certainly don’t find it funny if we happen to get stuck in one!

Something happens between those young years and being all grown up, doesn’t it?  When we are little children, sleep seems to be a waste of time, yet when we get older, we can hardly wait to hit the bed!  The wonder and excitement of life seems to slowly drain from our beings…so slowly that we don’t notice it until all of a sudden, something triggers our awareness that we’ve changed. We realize that we aren’t creative and imaginative as we were when we were young.

Emma is five years old and as we walked towards home, she was playing with two scarves. I was trying to focus on the conversation that I was having with her mother but I was absolutely fascinated with all the different things that Emma thought to do with these scarves, including dragging them on the dusty road.  All of a sudden, Emma handed me one of the scarves and without thinking about it, I wrapped it around my neck.

When we arrived in front of my house, I looked at Emma. She was in another world – waving and wrapping her scarf around her body. Then she spoke:

I’m a beautiful princess and this scarf is magic.  If I turn around three times, the scarf will become a big snail and she will be my new,special friend.   What’s your scarf, Diane?”

That was the moment.  That was the trigger.  A moment that reminded me that I’m  all grown up and my scarf was only a scarf. Nothing magical. Just a scarf.

I turned to Emma and took the scarf off my neck. I waved it around and started to dance. Emma began to giggle.

You gotta’ start somewhere.

I really do want to be a little girl when I grow up.


  1. I can picture it all and I like the picture!

  2. Oh how wonderful to imagine like a child! Just think of the possibilities!

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