Posted by: Diane | August 19, 2011

Access To The Living Water

It’s a sad time in our neighbourhood as we mourn with our farmer neighbour about the fire in his barn.  I’m sure that he and his family will be processing this loss for a long time.

Yesterday, I felt troubled about this. I had so many questions. This farmer lives about three hundred yards from Lake Simcoe, a big lake with plenty of water to douse a barn fire but he had no access to it.  He watched in anguish, as his barn burned to ashes, while he waited for the tankers to come in from surrounding townships to deal with the flames.  Yet, further down the lake, there are huge inlets connected to 10 inch pipes that run up to massive water pumps, constantly sucking up lake water to soak the vegetable fields that are considerably farther away from the lake. I just didn’t understand and it really bothered me.  I’m a “newbie”  in this neighbourhood so when I had a moment, I asked my neighbour, a retired fireman, how this could happen.

“There are three problems.  The tanker can’t get close enough to the water to fill up, the pressure isn’t great enough to go uphill and the water is too shallow to retrieve. It would be a great financial expense for the farmer to build some kind of emergency system that would be able to retrieve water quickly, if ever necessary. Those massive farms north of us have their own huge,expensive pumps.”

This got me thinking…the idea of being so close but not being able to get access. I’m so thankful that God, the Living Water, isn’t like this.

People try so many different ways to get close to God –  religious rituals, church attendance, philosophies and good works – hoping it will be enough. How frustrating it must be to do so much and “feel” closer, yet experience no access, despite sincere efforts. I got a taste of that kind of frustration and agony as I helplessly watched this neighbour’s barn burn to the ground.  I kept thinking to myself, “the water is so close but we can’t get to it.”

God doesn’t tease us like that. He makes it clear in His Word that He IS accessible. His love is not complicated but it is, has been and will forever be profound. He changes lives from the inside out because we cease striving and simply believe on His name. It’s not about what WE do…it’s about understanding and accepting by faith what He already DID when He died on the cross. It was at His great expense that we have life and access to Him.

I am a child of God because I have access to my heavenly Father. I have prayed and called on His name. I have acknowledged my sin and relinquished control of my life. I belong to Him, He is close to me and I continue to have access to Him, no matter what each day brings to me or how I “feel.”

I tell you the truth, whoever hears my word and believes him who sent me has eternal life and will not be condemned; he has crossed over from death to life.  John 5:24

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