Posted by: Diane | August 6, 2011

The Weekend That Was

We’ve had three days of family fun…and it’s been good.  Danae and Drew were here for a couple of days but Dawne, Guy and Phoenie have been with us since Thursday and it’s been wonderful.  There’s nothing better than hanging out with family…

lying on the tube, soaking up the sun

watching Phoenie doing his “super-farthest” swimming

eating BBQ’d shish kabobs with tzatziki sauce

Dawne teaching me how to put on eye shadow

squeezing tight into one car and heading to Saint-Marie Among the Hurons

everybody grabbing mattresses and couches for a sleep over

rebuilding the marine railway and getting the boat back on the water …YAHOO!

watching Phoenie catching crayfish

Phoenie and I visiting the skunk hole

Little dog Lola, shaking all over Dawne after being thrown in the water

neighbour-talk on noodles in the water

everybody pitching in with the meal clean ups

Guy, Dawne and Phoenie building a fort with all the sheets and pillows in their bedroom

new food inventions – whole wheat crusty bread, topped with spinach and melted feta

How can it be 20.00 o’clock, Phoenie?”
Phoenie quickly answered, “because it takes so long to eat dinner.”

Dawne and Chris walking together down the path to see “The 14 Stations of the Cross” at Martyr’s Shrine

Phoenie helping to make cornbread

Phoenie and his spontaneous group hugs   (Stand Up Paddling)

receiving a very special card from Dawne

towels and bathing suits flapping on the clothesline

picking ripe cherry tomatoes from our garden

Phoenie writing with a quill at Sainte-Marie Among the Hurons

Tyler: How come you call your dad, “Chris”?

Danae: “Because he’s my step father.”
Danae: “But he’s my real father.”

a beautiful sunset with a puffy stripe of clouds

…beautiful, God-gifted moments to treasure…






lola at sea


  1. Aaaah family time!!!!
    What a beautiful picture of happiness, contentment, and the blessing of family in building memories that will sustain us through the challenges of life.
    Very heart-warming:))

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