Posted by: Diane | July 29, 2011

God’s Creative Hand

I’ve got five early-rising, mind-exhausting, steep-learning-curve days of bus driver training under my belt. May I confess something? I am extremely happy that I have a three day weekend ahead of me because I desperately need a break.  It’s time to clear my mind for a while, before I further fill it with copious amounts of information from The Official MTO Bus Handbook, in preparation for a thorough and lengthy written test next Tuesday.  My brain is overflowing with procedures and check lists, rules and company policies. I distinctly remember going to bed last night, reviewing what seems to be trillions of details involved in the bus circle check and particularly, focusing on the four functions to check on the steering wheel before driving the bus. (For those who are curious, the answer is: the play of the wheel, the horn, the hazard lights and the high beam lights)

The point is that my mind is tired and I am looking so forward to 9:00 p.m. tonight. Let me tell you why.

Last night, Chris and I discovered something that left us awe-struck…and we’re going back to watch again tonight.

Queen of the Night. A beautifully fragrant flower that blooms only one night each year.  My friends, Erna and Werner have a garden full of these incredible flowers. Witnessing the miraculous event of its blooms is “like watching the Cinderella of the desert become the bell of the ball.  But alas, dawn is “midnight” for this Cinderella, as the flower wilts and the queen of the night becomes just a plain, inconspicuous cactus for another year.”  Joann Petz

We were intrigued, inspired and captivated by a few bright yellow flowers and for that minute of emerging blossoms, everything else around us seemed insignificant.

After four days of focused learning, it was such a delight to be entertained by a the simplicity of flowers bursting into full blossom, right before our eyes. What an appreciated moment of lightness – a glimpse of the awesomeness of God’s creative hand.  There were quiet “oohs” and “ahs” as we stood at the side of the garden, mesmerized by this small flower’s beauty. Each blossom explodes one night a year.  It’s beauty is displayed for a few hours and by the morning, it’s gone.

Tonight, there will be different blossoms showing off.  We have to be at Erna and Werner’s house for the 9:00 “show.”  The flowers won’t wait.  The camera is charged and hopefully, we will capture it all on video.

Stay tuned. I’ll be back.


  1. Incredible!! I’ve never heard of this flower!!! Will you post it??? Staying tuned….

    • It’s coming, Kathy…we’re heading out now with our camera!

  2. oh i am soooo jealous! i have Always wanted to see one bloom~ it is on my “bucket list.” driving a school bus full of loud, noisy, disrespectful, cussing kids is NOT! more power to you, di! xoxo (p.s. i am sure you will have many hysterical tales to tell though!)

  3. I look forward to your photos.

    • Thanks, Debbie…good to hear from you!

  4. I look forward to your photos.
    Isn’t God’s work incredible!

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